Voting for the Parent-Elected Board Position begins tomorrow, October 14th

Three candidates were certified for the parent election for the upcoming open board seat.  Those candidates are Abe Janis, Angela Lewis, and Alberto Oliverii.  Please see below or on the Governance page for candidate information.

An electronic voting process will take place beginning Wednesday, October 14, 2015. You should receive an email from Election Buddy with your ballot. Per the election policy, 30% of eligible families must cast a vote for a candidate in order for the election to be certified.  A selection of “None of the Above” does not constitute a vote towards the 30% threshold.  Each family receives one vote. Voting ends on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at 3:30pm.

Parent-Elected Candidate Information

Abe Janis Candidate Information

Angela Lewis Candidate Information

Alberto Oliverii Candidate Information