Invest in Your Future

We ask that you consider making an investment in your child’s future while attending PCCS.  Investing can come in a multitude of ways with each being as valuable as the other. Whether it be Time, Commitment or to Donate, this will help us continue to provide the innovative educational experiences that we are recognized for and assure our graduates are academically prepared, confident of who they are and environmentally responsible.

“Our son and daughter are graduates of PCCS. We continue to donate to PCCS because we believe it sets a standard for public education far beyond what is available at the other local schools. We see in our son and daughter how PCCS taught them how to think about subjects more holistically, looking deeply at issues and challenging the norm… Seeing the effect that PCCS has on students makes supporting the school an easy choice. ” Former PCCS Parent


At PCCS , Partners and Parents are the cornerstone of our success. In the classrooms, we advocate using positive interaction skills, and working together along with teaching the strengths of teamwork both in the classroom and outside. The same holds true for our Community and Partners. Whether it be assisting in the classroom setting, volunteering through PSO activities, helping with events, pitching in with our sustainable schoolyard, coaching our sports teams, assisting with Farm to Table, chaperoning our environmental trips or a wide array of other opportunities the school offers: We value the help you provide in making our school the premier school of choice in Lake County. We are always looking for positive role models for our students.



Our Parents and Partners are the school’s best ambassadors. We ask that you commit to the mission and vision of PCCS and keep the environment at the center of everything you do. One way to do this is by becoming a part of the Governance of the school either through serving on the Board or one of its important Committees. Another way is to help spread the word about our school in your neighborhoods, to your community leaders, your workplaces and your family and friends.



In Illinois, public Charter Schools do not receive the same equitable funding as traditional public schools and therefore we rely on fundraisers, appeals, partners and organizations to help close the gap of inequitable funding to Charter Schools. As we continue to advocate for a fair and balanced funding structure for our school, the reality is that PCCS receives less state funding than other non chartered public schools in the area.

We believe your children’s value is equal to that of our surrounding districts and that regardless of where you choose to attend school that value should remain equal. We will continue to advocate for that balance, yet we can do more.  We can reach higher.  Together, we can continue to take our children farther and help them achieve their full potential, developing our children into strong, self-assured adults, ready for high school and beyond.

Donating to PCCS is a sound investment for your future. As 80% of our graduates qualify for AP and honors classes in high school, that can lead to substantial savings throughout their academic future.



Please consider an investment in your future at Prairie Crossing Charter School!

If you would like to help, please contact the Business Office.


Events and Fundraisers

If you have a great idea for a fundraiser or event that you would like to facilitate for PCCS, please utilize the fundraising/event proposal form. Please return completed forms to Christine Hodapp. Thank you for your interest!

Current Ways to Invest: