Outdoor Classrooms

Student learning extends beyond walls and buildings at Prairie Crossing Charter School.  Whether through the study of phenology, outdoor journal writing, or conducting studies of soil and water samples of the surrounding area, students are actively engaged in learning on and around the school campus.

Being outdoors is a way of life as a PCCS students and we extend our classrooms beyond the physical walls of the buildings. Our students are outdoors nearly everyday which helps nurture a generation of youth who can lead us toward a future in which caring for our earth is innate and essential. Connecting with nature is a critical component of creating natural leaders and differentiate us from traditional public schools.

Our unique outdoor classrooms:

  • Provide solo spots, where students observe and study the changes of their surroundings by season.
  • Is located in a nationally acclaimed conservation community.
  • Is surrounded by a landscape of lakes, ponds, and wetlands.
  • Features our Sustainable Schoolyard initiatives, with 45 raised beds and outdoor learning areas.