Band is a very highly regarded fine arts program at Prairie Crossing Charter School offered to all Prairie Crossing Charter School students from grade 3 through 8.  The opportunity to study brass or woodwind instruments in the band places your child in a worthwhile activity that is stimulating, develops intellectual discipline, teaches them to work together in a group environment, and leads to a lifetime interest in the fine arts.



Band is available to all Prairie Crossing Charter School students from grade 3 through 8. Beginner Band practices once weekly before school and Intermediate and Concert Bands practice twice weekly before school. All band students have lessons once a week during the school day on Tuesdays. Students who already play an instrument are invited to join as well and placement is dependent upon their level of ability—all wind and percussion musicians are welcomed and needed.  Piano players can play bells. Everyone participates in two concerts during the school year in December and May and provide music during 8th grade Graduation each year.  A number of other performance opportunities are available for experienced players.

In late August, children attend an instrument tryout to introduce them to the band program and the instruments offered—flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone or percussion.  Band Director Jim Spigner and representatives from Quinlan and Fabish Music Company are on-hand to help each student decide what instrument they want to play. Lessons begin the first week in September with band practices starting two weeks later.  There are two band terms—September-December and January-May and the cost for each term is $240 for Beginner Band students and $295 for Intermediate and Concert Band students.