Invest in our Year End Annual Appeal!

Former PCCS parents share their story:

“Our son and daughter are graduates of PCCS. We continue to donate to PCCS because we believe it sets a standard for public education far beyond what is available at the other local schools. We see in our son and daughter (and their fellow graduates) how PCCS taught them how to think about subjects more holistically, looking deeply at issues and challenging the norm, instead of just memorizing to get ready for a standardized test. We see PCCS graduates who are self-assured, confident public speakers, leaders, and truly well rounded, caring people. Seeing the effect that PCCS has on students makes supporting the school an easy choice. Our world needs the type of person that PCCS helps to mold. ”    

Today, we launch our Annual Appeal; we hope that you help us protect and grow the school we built together by investing our students’ future. Please consider supporting PCCS. We thrive and fulfill our mission because of you.

PCCS is a 501C3 and your contributions are fully tax deductible.