Openings for PCCS Board of Directors Positions Applications Due by Sep. 5th @ 3:30 pm.

 August 11, 2017
 Dear PCCS Parents,
 The PCCS Board of Directors is comprised of nine individuals, each holding a 3-year  elected or appointed position on the board. Every year, three Board positions become  eligible for replacement. The School Board appoints two of these positions, and the PCCS  parent community elects one.
 Applications for the parent-elected and board-appointed Board positions will be accepted  beginning Friday, August 11, 2017. These positions will be for a three-year term, which  will begin in October 2017.
 Becoming a member of the PCCS Board of Directors is a great way to get involved and  proactively work for the school and its mission. It is also a significant responsibility and  commitment to the children, parents, staff and community of Prairie Crossing Charter  School.
 The board especially needs individuals with backgrounds in education, finance,  marketing, and/or law to help it move forward in the governance of the school. The ability  to consider differing opinions and to respond with civility and respect is a key skill for any  candidate.
 To be considered for the parent-elected or Board-appointed Board positions, applicants  must submit the following documents no later than 3:30pm on Tuesday, September  5, 2017:
  • Letter of intent (these should include statements that reflect your vision for the school, your strengths related to board work and why you feel you would be an asset to the board);
  • Resume;
  • Three (3) Letters of Recommendation;
  • Applicant MUST declare if they are applying for the parent-elected or boardappointed position. Applicants can NOT apply for both positions simultaneously. Applications that do not make this declaration will be considered invalid.
 The above documents should be turned into the school office by 3:30pm on Tuesday,  September 5, 2017. Applications received after this time will be considered invalid.
  • Applications for the parent-elected position should be sent Attn: Brian Conlon, Parent Elect Election Committee.
  • Applications for Board-appointment should be sent Attn: Nominating Committee Chairperson.
 All Candidates will be certified prior to voting. This year, we will again be using an online  voting platform, Election Buddy, which is secure and transparent. Online voting dates  TBD.
 PCCS Board member duties include:
  • Commit to a 3-year term
  • Attend all Board meetings (every fourth Tuesday of the month), occasional special Board meetings and biannual Board retreats.
  • Opportunity to serve on at least one Board committee. Standing Board committees are: Finance, Governance, Academic Excellence, Development and the Nominating committee.
  • Each Board member must complete the necessary training and paperwork as required by State law. Additional information can be found here under the Series 200 Policies “Governance”.
 Ed Jamison

 President, PCCS Board of Directors