Newsletter – week of 9/16/19

I hope that you have been enjoying the last taste of summer. Below are some highlights of the week in Room 11:



Sight words learned this week: Me, Up, and An

Sight words to practice for next week: You, Am, and The

Letters learned this week: H, R, and M

Letters for next week: D, G, and O

The students are practicing their sight words and letter names and sounds. A sight word review sheet went home today and they will be assessed on these words next week. The Jolly Phonics songs are a favorite of the day, and teach the students the letter sounds.  The Daily 5 routine is going nicely, as students are learning to rotate through four different stations to practice their literacy skills.



A math homework page went home so that students can practice some of the skills that they are learning in math. Please remember to check your child’s homework folder each day, and also to send back completed homework within two days.


Social studies and Science

The students are learning about the first Social Studies unit, All About Me. They have had opportunities to learn how we are all different as well as the same, have shared their interests and unique abilities, and are seeing how they are an important part of our classroom team. They have also learned about the parts of our school community. Next week they will begin to learn about local communities and community helpers. If you play a role in the community that you would like to share, such as your job or volunteer position, please email me. We would love to have you come to the classroom and speak with the kindergarten students about your skill or contribution.


Scholastic Books:

Scholastic book orders have come to kindergarten!  Everyone was sent an introductory email and paper flyer via homework folder. Enjoy picking out a book or two with your child during the month of September.


Farm to Table:

The first Farm to Table will be held next Wednesday, September 25th. Your child will receive a small sample of one of the entrees in a cup. Please make sure to pack a spoon for your child on that day. Also, please do not send a heat up on a Farm to Table day as there is no access to a microwave in the barn. Parents, you are welcome to join your child for lunch in the barn at our regular time of 10:00 – 10:30.


Have a nice weekend!