Congratulations to Mrs. Hoffman–Recipient of a Grant from Trustmark!

Earlier this year, Mrs. Hoffman applied for a grant in the hopes of designing a new program to encourage wellness in the areas of nutrition, fitness, social, and emotional welfare using an environmental focus. This program was intended to benefit the students that attend the Early Release after care program.  The goals of Mrs. Hoffman’s plan included incorporating education in healthy food choices and creating a healthy snack cookbook as well as teaching and encouraging students to learn ways to be more fit using a variety of physical activities.

Mrs. Hoffman just received confirmation that she was awarded close to $1000 to design this innovative program! With these funds, the students will be able to enjoy a circuit of different activities to keep them engaged, active and energized throughout their afternoon. Congratulations to Mrs. Hoffman and her staff for their dedication to our students and their desire to help our students strive for and achieve more!