Alumni Feature–Casey Boyle, PCCS Class of 2008

September 2015

Casey Boyle

Casey Boyle today

Casey Boyle at PCCS

Casey Boyle at PCCS

Spotlight on Casey Boyle – PCCS Class of 2008

“I attended PCCS ever since Kindergarten. I was the first group of students to go all the way from Kindergarten to 8th grade at PCCS. I am currently attending Northwood University. It is a NCAA Division 2 University in central Michigan. I am studying Sport and Entertainment Management and am a part of the Men’s Basketball team.”

What are some of the key lessons/experiences you learned from PCCS that you have taken with you in life?
When I attended PCCS I was put in many group projects and I realize now that being able to work in a group is a great asset to have.

In what ways do you think PCCS was a better choice than a traditional public school?
I believe PCCS is better because you make an actual connection with your teacher. At PCCS the learning was more personal and your teacher could see your progress in every subject. Looking back, I realize that attending PCCS shaped me into the person I am today and created friendships I’ll have forever.

If you were able to talk to a parent who was considering sending their child to PCCS, what would you say to them?I would highly recommend [PCCS], not so much from what they will learn but because of the person they will become. PCCS will improve your kid by the personal learning, field trips and outdoor activities. The experience your kid would get at PCCS is unlike anything he/she could get at any other school.