Mission Statement:

All PCCS parents and staff are members of the Parent Staff Organization.  We foster community and support the school to fulfill the mission and vision of PCCS.  We achieve this through communication, coordination of volunteers, school community development and financial means.

What does the PSO do?

We foster community and we support the school to fulfill its mission and vision.

How does the PSO do it?

We achieve these goals through our teams, which are made up of parents and staff as well as through various grant and scholarship programs. Learn more about our teams.

Why does the PSO do all of this?

The PSO is all about encouraging a sense of commitment to each other in order to make our school a healthy community and to help us all understand who we are and our uniqueness as a charter school with an integrated environmental curriculum.

PSO Officer Profiles

Christine Palmer - President
Contact psopresident [at] pccharterschool [dot] org (Christine) 

Melonie Johnson - Vice President
Contact psovicepresident [at] pccharterschool [dot] org (Melonie) 

Jena Mertz – Treasurer
Contact psotreasurer [at] pccharterschool [dot] org (Jena) 

Malia Naipo – Recording Secretary
Contact psosecretary [at] pccharterschool [dot] org (Malia) 

PSO By-Laws, updated 2011

PCCS 101-A Guide for PCCS Parents by PCCS Parents

PSO Event/Fundraiser Form

PSO Parties 101—A Guide for Party Planning at School

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We believe that children are our best hope to improve the world.

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