Band is a very highly regarded fine arts program at Prairie Crossing Charter School. Beginning in 3rd grade, students at PCCS are offered the opportunity to study brass or woodwind instruments twice weekly. Students receive band instruction before school once weekly and once during the school day each week.  Band students perform in various school assemblies and provide music during 8th grade graduation each year.

PCCSConcertBandDec2013_3The band program is open to students in grades 3 through 8. Group lessons are given during the school day with band rehearsals before school. The bands offered are: Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, Concert Band, and Jazz Combo. Two concerts are presented each year with other performance activities throughout the year.

Although students are accepted in the program at any time, enrollment is usually at the beginning of the school year. All students attend an assembly to introduce them to the program and instruments offered. On the same day students have the opportunity to try the instruments to determine which instrument they would like to play. New students and their parents attend a meeting to learn about the program, obtain equipment and supplies, register and pay fees. All fees apply to late enrollees. Students who enroll three weeks or more after the start of the program must take private lessons, in addition to the program lessons, until playing at class level.

Upcoming 2015/16 PCCS Band schedule updates:

Monday, August 14: 

1st band rehearsal at 7 AM in the gym

Monday, August 24:

School assemble early morning followed by “hands on” experience in the barn.  Students in grades 3 through 8 scheduled throughout the morning and afternoon to try instruments in the barn.  Usually 30 minutes is enough time per class.

Thursday, August 27, 7 PM:

Parent meeting in Helle Hall (is it still named Helle Hall?).  Will need someone to let us in @6:30 to set up with access to table and chairs;

Tuesday, September 1:

Concert Band Auditions in barn; scheduled to be forthcoming;

Tuesday, September 8:

1st lesson, schedules forthcoming

Wednesday, December 16:    

Winter Band Concert