The Wright Schoolhouse

The Wright Schoolhouse is an early 1900’s one room school house that was originally located on Casey Road in Libertyville, Illinois. The schoolhouse was moved to the Prairie Crossing Community in 1996 and refurbished. The Wright School House was the first home to Prairie Crossing Charter School when the school opened in 1999. and remains an integral part of the campus.


The Robert Kennicott Building

The Kennicott Building is a 6,292 square foot building which serves the as the hub of the Prairie Crossing Charter School. This building serves as the base for the school's administrative, Special Education and business offices in addition to housing several classrooms. The building is named for noted explorer Robert Kennicott who was born in 1835 and grew up in Northbrook, IL. Mr. Kennicott was a naturalist who contributed much to his field – most notably the exploration of Alaska which was documented to the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee and led to the purchase of Alaska by the United States in 1867.

The Anna B. Comstock Building

The Anna B. Comstock Building is a 13,977 square foot building which opened its doors in January of 2005. This building houses 10 classrooms and a common area which serves the school community as a meeting area. Anna B. Comstock was born in 1854 in New York. She grew up with a love of nature and attended Cornell University – a rare opportunity for women of that time – and studied zoology. Mrs. Comstock was a noted naturalist and conservationist along with being a gifted illustrator. You may see her work in the Handbook of Nature Study originally published in 1911.


The Rachel Carson Building

The Rachel Carson Building is a 10,960 square foot building which opened its doors to students in August of 2006. The building houses 8 classrooms. This building was named after Rachel Carson. Ms. Carson was born in 1907 and was a noted biologist. Rachel Carson had a great affinity with the sea and was a gifted writer. She was a conservationist long before the notion was popular and was especially passionate about the importance of taking care of our natural surroundings.


       The Prairie Crossing Charter School Gym

The completion of the PCCS gym in 2006 marked the final phase of construction to complete our campus. The gym is 9,310 feet and houses an open-spaced basketball court, a physical therapy room, and offices. The gym provides a wonderful space for community events and houses the athletic clubs. Soccer, girls and boys basketball, cheer, and track use this facility for training and games.



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