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Pizza Friday

See the download area for the Pizza Friday order form, or click here.

Welcome to 4th Grade, Bridges Math Welcome Letter

Welcome to 4th Grade   August 14, 2017   Dear parents,   I would like to welcome any new families and returning families to Prairie Crossing for the 2017-2018 school year.  It was great to see many of you at the back to school picnic.   The third and...

Six Flags reading

Please look in the download section for the Six Flags reading log.  It is due Feb. 3.  However, I can also accept it next week.

Math Unit 4

Please look in the download section for a letter about Unit 4 math.

IPAD apps for Grades 3-5

Please look in the download section for IPAD apps for grades 3-5.  These apps were found by teachers at Fremont Intermediate School.

Earthkeepers Y Key

Name ________________________   Parent Information Letter for Y Earthkeepers Key   Dear parents,   As one of our Earthkeepers experiences, your child will complete the requirements for the Y key.  It is very important that:   Your child turns in...

Comprehension Questions

Please look at the download section for leveled comprehension questions.  You can scroll down to find your child’s reading level.  I suggest looking at the level above and below for other questions.  These are written for teachers, but can be useful at...


Please see the download for information.

Math Games for the Computer

Math Games for the Computer   Addition Amoeba Addition Game  This game provides practice adding 3 digits by splitting numbers. Look for the title “Addition by Splitting” game. Glowla’s Estimation Contraption  In the first level of this game,...

Time to the Minute Match

Please look in the download section for the Time to the Minute Match. You will need to print out the cards and then cut them out.

3rd Grade Math

Please look at the download section for information about 3rd Grade math.

Letter to Second Grade Parents

Dear second grade parents,Please look in the download section for a letter to you.Sincerely,Ms. Hahn div.slide” data-cycle-paused=”true” data-cycle-timeout=”3000″ data-cycle-speed=”1000″...

Summer Bingo

Dear parents,Please see the download section for a Summer Bingo for 3rd grade.Sincerely,Ms. Hahn

Family Math Night

Please look in the Download section for information about the Family Math Night.

Newsletter and Math Games April 3, 2016

Ms. Hahn’s NewsletterApril 3, 2016MathThis week the students learned about decimals to the hundredths place.  They write the fraction version and the decimal version of different numbers.  The difference between numbers such as 1.2 and 1.02 were discussed.  The...

Science at Home

Please look on the right under downloads for a science activity to do at home.  It goes with our current science unit about motion and matter.

Math Games

Here is a link for a variety of math games. Please check the download file in the right for the link to download all the games. I believe you only need a deck of cards, pencils and paper to play these games. I found these games...

Fraction Games at Home

Here are a couple of good games to play with cards at home to reinforce what we’ve been learning about fractions.Compare Fractions Fractions in Between

Explorer Report

Here is a copy of the explorer research.  The research is due by Friday morning.  The final report is due Nov. 9th.   ExplorerResearch

Magnet Study Guide

We will be having a test on magnets on Friday, September 11, 2015. magnetstudyguide (1)

Daily Schedule

Please see the download for the schedule.  The schedule does change depending on special events and weather.   -Daily schedule 15-16 Hahn

Reading Letter

Here is a blank letter about reading levels.  If you open it the links should be easier than the paper copy.   FandPletter (1)

Book Orders

Please click the link for more information about how to order Scholastic Books.   Book Orders Jan. 2015

Social Studies Test Study Guide

Some students did very well on the Social Studies test and some are going to get to take it again to see if they can improve their scores. Here is the Study Guide they should use when studying. Please work with your student so that they can understand the material....

PARCC Assessment Testing

Here is some information about PARCC, the new assessments 3rd graders will take for the state of Illinois. These should answer any questions you have, but don’t hesitate to contact us with additional questions. PARCC FAQs PARCC Fact Sheet PARCC Parents’...

Comprehension Questions by Reading Level

I have attached a document showing you reading comprehension questions by reading level.  If you do not know your child’s reading level, please contact me. Comprehension questions by reading level