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Weekly Photos – Week of January 6

Here is the link with this weeks photos Week of January 6 The highlights include: A new student teacher in PE (Mrs. George) Team work exercises in PE and the classroom Quiet spots around the lake Motion experiments in science...

Weekly Photos – November 18

Here is the Weekly Photos Link – November 18  Highlights include: – solar power lesson with Naomi – continue electricity unit – test next week – hockey in PE – Book Buddies – helped K make turkey hats – Farm 2...

Weekly Photos – November 11

Good Morning – Here is the weekly photo link for November 11 Enjoy! Highlights include: recess in the snow hockey in PE electricity and circuits in Science tasting our homemade soup

October 14 – Weekly Photos

Weekly Photos – October 14 Weekly Highlights: Nature drawing Getting cashbox for cider sale Sound lessons in science Recess fun Green ladybug??? Very successful apple cider sale

October 7 Photo Link

Here is the link to Week of October 7 Photos The highlights include: light maze in science book buddies with kindergarten students sharing math strategies with class fun at recess watercoloring at art class getting squash prepped for...

September 23 Photos

Good Morning! Here is the Weekly Photo Link for the week of September 23. You will see pictures from: phenology, kickball in PE, math with manipulatives, meeting with Mrs. Gernady, Farm to Table, indoor recess, and more. Enjoy! We hope you are enjoying seeing your...

September 16 Photos

Good Morning – Here is the weekly photo link, please enjoy some pictures I took of the kids. This week they include:  our trip to the apple orchard learning about liters, milliliters, grams, and kilograms by measuring water and beans quiet spots by the lake art...

September 9 Photo Link

Here are just a few photos from this week, see the Week of September 9 link for all the others! The highlights show: meeting our book buddies, jumping rope at recess, hilarious hat/hair day, tie-dye day, and playing hair salon at recess.

Free National Park Pass for Fourth Graders

See the link for a free pass for fourth graders to get into the National Parks for free. I was able to take advantage of this when my kids were younger and it was wonderful.

Spelling Sorts – September 12

Here are the spelling sorts for the two groups for the week of September 12. Your children know which group they are in. If you need an additional copy or want to know how to sort the words yourself, it is all here. Let us know if you have any questions....

Digit Cards

Here is a link for digit cards to play math games.

Math Games

Here is a link for a variety of math games. Please check the download file in the right for the link to download all the games. I believe you only need a deck of cards, pencils and paper to play these games. I found these games...

Online Math Games

Here are some websites your child can play for extra math practice.BridgesPearson SuccessNetMultiplication HoodamathMathplaygroundFact MonsterCool Math GamesLearning Games for KidsMath PlaygroundFunbrainMath GamesWeeblyVisual Fractions


Typing Web National Geographic Kids Fun Brain Brain Pop Map Math Math Playground MAP reading Multiplication Spelling City Sheppard Software Kid Zone Learning Games Abcya...

Raz Kids

Your child received a password for Raz Kids.  Your child should go to  There are many books for your child to read, listen to and take a quizzes.  Please encourage your child to reread a book if he/she missing the comprehension...