What Another Great Week!

Seriously, what other school would let kids go on a field trip to the Waukegan Public library and work with local first graders, do math lessons about liquid measurements outside, play the new favorite recess game “GaGa” ball, and study phenology in our gardens on a gorgeous day, all in the same week! Oh, and the teachers stayed late one day to put up a tipi too! One more thing, the baby pictures were a hit. The whole class really had fun trying to figure out who was who. They also asked Ms. Hahn and I if there were cameras when we were younger – you might let your kids know we are not that old (at least Ms. Hahn isn’t!)

It is so fun to be a part of this school and watch the unique learning opportunities that take place here. Did I mention the new GaGa ball pit? The kids are loving it – I have even got into the pit a few times. However, they all seem to take aim at me and I end up leaving the pit in defeat, but that’s okay, it’s still fun.

I hope you enjoy this selection of photos from this past week. Make sure to take a peak next week too. I’ll have a bunch from the Native American week.

Mrs. Steinbeck

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