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Welcome to 3rd Grade

Welcome to 3rd Grade


August 11, 2022


Dear parents,


I would like to welcome any new families and returning families to Prairie Crossing for the 2021-2022 school year.  It was great to see many of you at the back-to-school picnic.   The third and fourth-grade teachers are looking forward to a great school year with many great activities planned.


This letter is to let you know about some of the classroom procedures.  You will get a paper copy and an email copy of this letter.  Please let me know if there is another email address you would like me to add to my contacts.  


My email is  You can contact me by email, a paper note, or a note in the assignment notebook. I will be setting up the Remind app. You can join the class by clicking this link. My assistant is Mr. Stewart.  His email is Mr. Stewart will be able to answer questions about lunch, recess, schedules, and when homework is due.  If you have curriculum questions or concerns about your child, please contact me.  You can always include both of us in an email if you are unsure who to ask.  


I do have an open-door policy for my classroom.  Parents are welcome to help in the classroom after signing in at the office.  I would prefer a 24-hour notice of when you are planning to visit.  My schedule can change because of testing, outdoor lessons, weather, assemblies, or other reasons.  If we are outside or at an assembly, you are welcome to join us.


All students will have an assignment notebook that will be written daily.  An adult in the classroom will initial the page daily.  Assignment notebooks can be used to let me know information.  My assistant and I will also use assignment notebooks for notes to the parents on occasion. I would like students to show the assignment notebook to their parents.  


The students have daily homework to read for at least 20 minutes every night.  This can be a book of their choice.  I do not do a reading log, but expect all students to do their reading.  Students can bring the book they are reading at home to read in the classroom.  It would be great for students to also practice math facts most days. This can be from a computer game, app, flashcards, or other methods. 


There may be supplies that need to be replenished throughout the school year.  Your child should have rain gear and extra clothes stored at school.  I do ask that students wear slippers or indoor shoes inside the classroom.   The shoes or boots the students wear outside are kept in the hallway during the day.  This helps keep mud, dirt, and rocks out of the classroom after being outside.


Our class will have snack time in the morning.  Your child can bring healthy, trash-free, and nut-free snacks daily.  All students should also bring a reusable water bottle.  They can refill the water bottle as needed.  On early release days, students will be given time for a snack, but not lunch.  You may send a larger snack on those days.


At PCCS we have students with nut allergies.  We have certain procedures that we follow to assure the safety of those with allergies.  In fourth grade, students are asked to not eat peanuts or nuts during snacks.  If your child brings something that has nuts or was processed with nuts, he/she should know so we can make sure we follow the peanut/nut procedure.   


There is a microwave in the classroom to be used during lunch.  I ask that students bring food that only needs to be warmed for 30 seconds or less during lunch.  I prefer to stagger days when students use the microwave.  I have found this gives each child enough time to eat lunch easily.  Even number students can use the microwave on even number days first, and odd number students can use the microwave on odd number days first.  


Third and fourth grade have recess at 11:20 and lunch at 11:50. We have a special class every day.  Special classes include PE, Art, Music, and Spanish.  Music, Art, and Spanish meet in the classroom.  The students have PE outside and in the gym. 


Looking forward to a wonderful school year! 

Specials Schedule

Monday – Art 9:50, Music 1:10

Tuesday- Music 9:50, PE 1:10

Wednesday- Spanish 9:50

Thursday- PE 9:50, Art 1:10

Friday- Spanish 9:50, PE 1:10



Ms. Hahn