Week of 5/6

Important Dates:

5/7: Dunn Museum Field Trip (back in time for lunch)

5/8: Early Release

5/10: Pizza Friday

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! This week is Native American week. Thank you so much to everyone who has volunteered to help us. This week will jam-packed with activities that will immerse students in Native American history and culture. Please make sure your student is dressed and ready for whatever weather comes our way!

Your student will not have spelling words this week, only Words of the Week. These words will be in their assignment notebook, but I will also list them below.

maize: The main crop of many of the original Native American tribes. Maize is a grain and is another name for corn.

adobe A sun-hardened clay building material made from straw, dirt, and water. It was used by the Pueblo peoples to make their homes.

hides: animal skins

tribe A group of families that have a common language, culture, and

religion. useful

wigwam A dome shaped home made from wooden poles covered with bark.