Science Fun

Wow! Our third graders have been having a great time in science the last couple of weeks. We have worked with soil samples from different areas of the world and learned about how rocks are weathered via abrasion and acid rain. We also looked at erosion and deposition to understand how beaches are formed from rocks tumbling down mountains and broken apart and carried by the rivers to the oceans. All of our experiments were hands-on and our students seemed to really enjoy them.

On Friday afternoon, Mr. Krueger (Hailey’s dad), stopped in and spoke to our 3rd graders. Mr. Krueger is a Chemist and talked to us about how his company makes pharmaceutical drugs. He then did a few experiments for us using dry ice and even liquid nitrogen! He made smoke appear, froze a rubber glove in seconds and then crushed it, and he also made elephant toothpaste.

I’ve attached a few pictures from science to this post, but please look in the Gallery for more.

Erosion and Deposition-9 Erosion and Deposition-8 Mr. Krueger - Chemist-1 Mr. Krueger - Chemist-2