Nov. 22, 2015 Newsletter

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter and

November 22, 2015




The students continued to learn about length measurements including metric and US measurements.  They finished finding the length, width, perimeter, and area of different rectangles. The students then continued Unit 4 by learning about polygons.  The students can now identify a polygon.  Using shapes called power polygons, they are putting them together to make new polygons with different number of sides.  A highlight for many students this week was going to the computer lab to do Logopaths.  The students use a computer program to draw different polygons and figure out the perimeter.  Your child can use Logopaths at home by downloading it onto your home computer.  You will find this program under student resources on their Pearson account.




The students were very excited to learn that their book project for Underworlds: The Battle Begins was a powerpoint presentation.  They have different slides about the setting, characters, and summary.  During reading groups the students read about impressionist artists.  Then they answered questions that were about inferring, main idea/details, and vocabulary.




The students began writing a how to writing piece about things you do in fall.  We began by brainstorming a big list of ideas.  From this list the students wrote down the steps.  Then I showed them how they can add more details about the steps.  You can even have details about the details.  From the detailed steps the students wrote a first draft.  Next week we will focus on the introduction and conclusion to their writing piece.




This week the students learned about refraction of light by looking at a straw in a water bottle.  They learned about different parts of the eye.  They also learned more about light waves.  We then experimented with glow in the dark stars and glow sticks.  We will wrap up our light unit soon and then learn about sound.




On Wednesday the students went outside for phenology.  They students noticed that a lot of the leaves are gone from the trees.  Other students noticed interesting clouds to the west.  We will continue having quiet spots and phenology in the coming months.  




Please remind your child to bring all the proper cold weather gear.  Next week the students will need snow pants, snow boots, winter coat, hat, gloves/mittens, and possibly a scarf.  We go outside unless it is not safe to go outside.  PCCS students stay inside for temperatures below 0 degrees or lightening.  


During days with snow many students need another pair of socks and pants at school.  Please send extra clothes that can be kept in his/her locker.




I look forward to meeting with you and your child Monday or Tuesday.  Just a reminder that students do come to these conferences.  The conferences are only 15 minutes long, so please help me stay on time.  If it is your time for a conference, just knock on the door.  This will help me quickly wrap up the current conference so your conference can start on time.


Upcoming Dates


Nov. 23- Early Release, parent teacher conferences

Nov. 24- Early Release, parent teacher conferences

Nov. 25-27- No School

Dec. 1- Green Challenge Assembly

Dec. 3- Holiday Bazaar