Newsletter October 11, 2015

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

October 11, 2015




During math this past week the students are solving multiplication and division problems.  They solve the problems by breaking the numbers apart, using cubes, and drawing pictures.   They also solved problems involving remainders.  There are three different math groups during math class.  On math group has been working on multiplication towers.  The students skip count by a two digit number.  It was great to see  the students finding the patterns in math.  Next week the other two math groups will be making multiplication towers.  All students will be continuing solving larger multiplication and division problems in the coming weeks.


The students who retook the math test did much better overall.  I was happy to hear many students say they studied a lot for the test.  It is important that students know the math in this unit test because the math for 4th grade builds these concepts.




This week all students read about Arachne in reading groups.  The students looked closely at the reading passage for character traits and why it was a myth.  During the large group lessons, the students learned about allusions in literature.  We will continue learning more about allusions and Greek myths next week.




Students finished their short story this past week.  The students learned that if a character is speaking, they need to start a new paragraph.  It was great to read the creative ways they started the stories.  They students really enjoyed typing the stories and submitting them using Google classroom.  Next week the students will write a compare and contrast writing piece.




The students finished the electricity unit this past week.  You will get the science test returned next week.  If a student did not do well, I will give them the opportunity to take the test again.  We will now focus our time on social studies.


Social Studies


We only had a few days of social studies this week.  This past week the students learned the reasons for exploration.  They made a small book that included all the reasons.  We also went over some of the vocabulary for this unit.  Next week week the students will learn more about specific explorers by creating a timeline.  We will focus on early explorers of North America.




Wednesday we had one of the more interesting quiet spots.  The students saw a dead snake in the road on the hike there.  They also found a caterpillar crossing the trail.  While at quiet spots a very loud cat came for a visit.  The cat wanted the students to pay attention to it and pet it.  This made it a challenge for the students to sit quietly and journal.  While students were sharing their writing, a large flock of geese flew right over our heads.  I heard many students say this was the best quiet spots.  


Farm to Table


This week the students worked on a farm to table presentation.  A small group of students will be presenting at farm to table at 12:40.  All students are helping with the posters for our presentation or table tents.  The farm to table menu uses a lot of the squash the third and fourth graders grew in the raised beds.




Some students are struggling to carry the large binders.  If your child would like to try an alternative organization system, that is fine with me.  I recommend an expanding file or 7 pocket folder.  Every night students should be bringing home an assignment notebook, word work journal, and the zip pocket with their words.  Most students should be bringing home their morning work to finish a few problems.  There are days that another journal may come home to study for a test or to finish an assignment.


Anti-Bully Week


This past week the students participated in many anti-bully activities.  They learned to identify bullying, what to do if they are bullied, and what to do if they see bullying.  The third and fourth grade assistants did a great job teaching the students these things.  Also, an 8th grader, Francesca, came to the room to teach the students about how not to be a bully.  On Friday the students went to an anti-bully assembly presented by 8th graders.


Green Challenge October


On Tuesday this week, PCCS started October’s Green Challenge – Trash Free Lunch!  We know that many of you already pack trash-free lunches, and that’s wonderful… this month, we’ll learn more about the how’s and why’s, and we’ll see if we can improve our already-good lunch time waste creation!

Here are some fun facts to get you thinking about how and why Trash Free Lunches are important:

  1.        The average US household spends $85 per year on disposable bags.  This means that even if some reusable containers are lost-and-not-found, you can still save money over using throw-away baggies.
  2.       School lunch garbage averages to over 67 lbs. per student per school year (US average)
  3.        About 3 million juice boxes are sold each year in the US.  They cannot be recycled because the plastic, aluminum and paper can’t be separated.  The juice also costs about 2-3 ¢per ounce more than comparable juice sold in larger bottles.

For some tips on how to go trash free with your lunches, visit or

Go Trash Free!


Field Trip


On Friday we will be going to a field trip to Raven Glen in Antioch.  The students will be pretending to be explorers of the area and drawing maps.  We will be gone from about 9:15-2:00.  We will not need parent volunteers.  The students will need to bring a trash free, peanut free, non microwave lunch to school.  All students will need a water bottle and weather appropriate clothing.  Please return the field trip form and money on Tuesday.




Keep items out of landfills! The Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO) will be collecting several hard-to-recycle items at Recycle-O-Rama. Propane tanks, bikes, keys, stuffed animals, car seats, cell phones and whole lot more will be accepted! View the complete list of accepted items:


Where: Lcdot – Lake County, IL Division of Transportation, 600 W. Winchester Road, Libertyville

When: Saturday, Oct. 24, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.


Upcoming Dates


Monday, October 12- No School

Wednesday, October 14- Farm to Table

Friday, October 16- Field Trip, Raven Glen

Wednesday, October 21- Early Release