Newsletter September 9, 2019

Newsletter  9-9-19


In writing the students spent time thinking about the ideas for realistic fiction stories.  We devoted a few writing sessions to developing two characters in their stories. At the end of the week, the students began planning out their stories using a story arch.  Next week the students will be making the 1st draft of their stories. I would encourage you to ask your child to retell the story to you and work on using a storytelling voice with a lot of details.


In math, the students have been doing a lot of work with multiplication and division.  The students have played a lot of math games about multiplication. They also solved a variety of story problems involving multiplication.  The goal is to have the Unit 1 assessment on Friday. The following week we will do a few lessons on measurement and then begin Unit 2 which continues with multiplication and division.


During reading the students listened to books related to our economics unit.  They listened to Alexandar Who Used to Rich Last Sunday and Rock, Bock, and the Savings Shock.  We have finished testing the reading level of the students and began reading groups on Friday.  For reading groups, the students are reading articles related to our economics unit.


During social studies, we began our economics unit.  The students are learning about the following terms: service, producer, consumer, budget, scarcity, opportunity cost, and resource.  We discussed how some products and services are local and some are farther away. Next week we will be discussing advertisements and starting an economic project that will be done in class.  There will be more information about this project in the next newsletter.


Spelling has started, and there are a few different spelling groups, and each group has a different word list.  Spelling tests will occur on most Fridays.  


In the past two weeks, we began phenology.  The students are working on writing down scientific observations of three different things they observe.  We also went on a hike to find a quiet spot for the year. We discussed the positive and negative things about each space.  Even after looking at different spots, the majority of students want to return to our location from last year at Lake Leopold.


Upcoming Events


September 9-13 Attendance Week

Monday- Sports

Tuesday- Tie dyed 

Wednesday- Hilarious hair or Hat

Thursday- Pajamas

Friday- Spirit wear

September 10- Curriculum Night 6 pm

September 12- Hard Lockdown Drill

September 18- Early Release

September 20- Assembly

September 25 – Farm to Table


Photos for the week


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