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Newsletter September 5, 2022

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter


September 5, 2022




The students have finished more than ½ of Unit 1 on addition and subtraction strategies. All students should know addition and subtraction facts quickly. If your child needs more practice, please spend a few minutes reviewing facts daily. This can be with flashcards, a computer game, or in the car. In 3rd grade, I keep the home connection book at school. The whole book will come home on nights there is homework. Many days your child will have time to start the homework assignment at school.




The students learned about reading voice and thinking voice when reading a book. They learned to ignore the distracting voice when reading or listening to a book. They have listened to a variety of picture books for the past two weeks. Ask your child to share a book they enjoyed listening to recently. We are still establishing routines and procedures for reading. Next week I will begin listening to the students read books and learn about them as readers. 




During writing the students are learning how writers use sensory words in their writing. We read a variety of books that included sensory words. The students have been doing free choice writing, but including sensory words. Next week we will begin a narrative writing piece. 


Science and Environmental Education


The students have learned a lot about the prairie this school year. The prairie unit ended with creating a life-sized plant and animal for our hallway mural. The students were amazed to see how long they had to make the prairie roots. Next week we will begin our study of the forest.


The students had quiet spots/solo spots with Naomi at Lake Leopold. This is a time for the class to journal about nature. We also did a Pond sweep with Naomi. The students found many interesting critters including a tadpole at the lake. 


Volunteer Opportunities


I welcome volunteers during recess and lunch from 11:20-12:20. Also, I need volunteers from 12:20-3:15 on Wednesday to go with us to Oak Openings. I also need volunteers on Friday from 9:50-10:30 to help with Salsa. Please let Mrs. Dow know if you are interested in volunteering-


Upcoming Events


  • Wednesday, September 7- Hike to Oak Openings in the afternoon- Volunteers needed
  • Friday, September 9- Make Salsa at 9:50- Volunteers needed
  • September 13th – Curriculum Night Comstock Building 6-7 pm
  • September 15th – Curriculum Night Carson Building 6-7 pm
  • Friday, September 16, 2022-Early Release-Teacher In-service
  • Wednesday, September 21, 2022 – Joey Finerhyme Assembly 
  • Tuesday, October 11. 2022-Picture Retake Day