Newsletter, September 5, 2016

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

September 5, 2016




Students are responsible for having their spelling journals everyday at school and taking them home every night.  They should study their words every night to be prepared for the test on Friday.  Most weeks there will be about 5 other words added in the assignment notebooks.  These are high frequency words third graders need to know how to spell correctly.  




I have spent time this past week assessing children using the Fountas and Pinnell reading assessments.  Your child reads a short book and then answers questions about the book.  I will continue my assessments this week.  


Reading lessons were about the characteristics of different genres.  We used the reading journals to put little flaps with the type of genre and the definition below the flap.  I encourage students to choose a variety of books to read in class.




The students are working hard on elapsed time.  They are solving problems that find the start time, end time, or elapsed time.  This week students will continue to solve elapsed time problems.  At the end of week your child will be assessed on telling time to the minute and elapsed time.  




We have started learning about the forest habitat.  The students drew the layers of the forest after reading a description of the different layers.  The layers they drew were soil, litter, field layer, shrub, and canopy.  Next week we will continue to learn about the forest habitat.  On Thursday we will be going to oak openings to experience a forest habitat.  Please have your child wear or bring bug spray.




The final writing assessment was an informational writing piece.  The children were given an article to read and then had to write about the article.  We also discussed how authors use objects to inspire their writing.  The students drew an object that was important to them and then wrote about it.  Due to the short week and testing, next week we will only have a few days of writing.  We will continue to discuss how authors get ideas for writing.




Please remember to send your child with a water bottle to school.  They will be having PE outside next week and will need to drink water.


If your child decides to be in the band, your child will miss class.  It is the student’s responsibility to make up any missed work due to band lessons.


Please look at our class webpage for pictures and information posted by Mrs. Steinbeck.  There are also math games that we played in class.


Some students are telling us they are still hungry after they have eaten all their food.  Please talk to your child to see if he/she might want more food during school.




All students now have a gmail account.  This account is only used for searching the web and using Google docs.  They do NOT have email.  The students also have an account for and Raz kids.  You will find all the login information in the cover of the assignment notebooks.  If you have a computer at home, I would encourage you to show your child how to log in to these accounts at home.  Your child could explore how to type a document in Google docs.


From the Office


Given we are all in the age of media and all things photo, we all love to take pictures of our students at work and play. Please note, however, that not all parents have given permission to have their child photographed. Please ask the child’s parents for permission before posting any photos or names of students on social media. Thanks!


Upcoming Dates


Tuesday, September 6- NWEA testing, Curriculum Night 6:00-7:00

Wednesday, September 7- Early Release 1:00

Thursday, September 8- Oak Openings, NWEA testing

Wednesday, September 21- No school, Teacher inservice