Newsletter September 4, 2017

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

September 4, 2017




This past week the students learned about the plot of a story.  They are learning how to manage their time while I work with other students.  The students can read to self, work on writing, or read to a partner.  While the students were working independently I had the students read to me and answer questions about the book.  Look for information coming home soon about your child’s reading level.   Next week we will explore the theme of a story and begin reading groups.  Groups of students will meet with the teacher for 15 to 20 minutes 2 or more times a week to read the same book.  During reading groups the students work on comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary.




This was an exciting week for writing.  After many days of planning the students began drafting their stories.  They are working on adding enough action and detail to the stories.  Next week the students will work on the beginning and end of the stories.  Have your child retell their story to you at home.




Students enjoyed math this week because they got to play a variety of math games.  In Bridges math this is called Work Place.  The games all center around learning multiplication strategies and facts.  It was great to see the students so excited for math and want to keep playing the games after they finish one round.  Next week the students will learn more math games that involve multiplication and division.  




Science lessons this week focused on magnets.  They learned about the magnet field by observing iron filings on a magnet.  Students had fun testing magnets with cars with magnets on the back.  During this experiment the students learned about the Law of Magnetic Attraction.  See if your child can tell you about this.  Next week we will learn about the earth being a magnet and about compasses.  We should wrap up our magnet lessons early next week and then move on to learn about electricity.


Student Handbook Information on Dress Code

Students shall:

  1. Show proper attention to personal cleanliness, neatness, and standards of dress for school;
  2. Wear clothing that is close to mid-thigh (teacher determined);
  3. Wear appropriate shoes for the day’s activity;
  4. Wear only clothing appropriate for indoors (no coats, jackets, hats gloves etc.)
  5. Remove sweatbands, caps, bandanas or any accessory made of bandana material, and sunglasses (without medical consent);
  6. Wear see through garments only if worn over something that appropriately covers all exposed areas;


Students will not wear any of the following:

  1. Revealing tops (such as halter-tops, muscle shirts, low cut tops, tube tops, spaghetti tops, mesh tops, backless tops, crop tops);
  2. Wearing trousers or jeans which sag so that the top of the trousers or jeans are significantly below the waist;
  3. Leggings, Yoga Pants or similar styles of leisure wear-unless covered by another garment;
  4. Any apparel that shows bare midriff;
  5. Garments with large sleeveless openings;
  6. Clothing that advertises tobacco, alcohol products, refers to drugs, or supports violence or hatred;
  7. Clothing with questionable sayings or references to sexual activity, violence, profanity, or racial contexts.


Wish List


  1. Low odor white board markers for students to use
  2. Extra composition notebooks


Upcoming Events


September 5- Green Assembly,

           Curriculum Night from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm for parents and guardians only

September 13- Farm to Table Lunch

September 20 – Early Release

September 29- Field Trip to College of Lake County for the play


A Note from Mr. Hershiser


Our classroom is currently involved in an engineering unit and we want second hand or old bicycles to use as part of our unit.  We will use them to learn about simple machines and gears.    Bicycles that are broken or no longer work are wonderful as well.   Please send Mr. Hershiser communications if you have any bicycles to donate.   After we have finished learning from these bicycles we are going to donate them to an organization so they can be passed on to people/ kids who need them.