Newsletter September 27, 2015

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter and

September 27, 2015




This past week the students finished our unit on factors and multiples.  The students finished finding factors of numbers 1-100.  We also reviewed multiplies of numbers 2-12.  The students got a study guide on Friday for the test this coming Tuesday.  Wednesday we will continue our study of multiplication by beginning Unit 3.  During Unit 3 students will be solving larger multiplication problems and learning to break them into smaller equations.




This week I read the students a nonfiction book about compasses.  We talked about the different parts of a nonfiction books that help us understand the information.  Next week I will be reading an informational book related to our new social studies unit.  Most reading groups finished their book and answered comprehension questions.  During reading groups the students will begin reading Greek myths and answering questions about the myths.  




Students began the week learning how to describe the characters and setting in a story.  The students then learned the structure of a story has an introduction, event, plot turning event, event, and then a conclusion.  Students then wrote a plan for an original story.  Next week the students will write their story from their plan.  Ask your child to tell you about his/her story.




During our science this week the students learned about parallel and series batteries wired in a circuit.  Then the students wired bulbs in a parallel and series circuit.  Next week we will continue to learn about electricity including conductors and insulators.


Social Studies


Next week we will begin our unit on Explorers.  The students will learn about the reasons for exploration and vocabulary words related to exploration.  In the coming weeks the students will learn about early explorers of North America.




Wednesday we went to our quiet spots along the trails of Prairie Crossing.  The students were noticing a lot of leaves on the ground from the willow trees.  On our walk the students noticed the bright red leaves of sumac plants.  While writing at their spots, students were encouraged to use their senses to write.  However, they had to not say “I see . . . ,  I smell . . . , I hear . . .”  We are working on writing more detailed and creative sentences.


Green Challenge


We met with our book buddy class on Tuesday to learn more about recycling.  The students participated in a recycle relay.  They had different items that had to be sorted by trash or recycling.  It was great to see the fourth graders help the kindergarten students figure out if it is recycling or trash.  


Classroom Website


Please check the school website for updates and pictures throughout the school year.  Mrs. Steinbeck and I will be posting the newsletters, classroom updates, pictures, and other important information.  You can log on to the website using the following login and password:


Parent Portal Username: PCCSparent

Parent Portal Password: pccsgreen201516




Some students are struggling to carry the large binders.  If your child would like to try an alternative organization system, that is fine with me.  I recommend an expanding file or 7 pocket folder.  Every night students should be bringing home an assignment notebook, word work journal, and the zip pocket with their words.  Most students should be bringing home their morning work to finish a few problems.  There are days that another journal may come home to study for a test or to finish an assignment.


Upcoming Dates


Tuesday, September 29-  Math assessment

Friday, October 9- Early Release

Monday, October 12- No School