Newsletter September 20, 2015

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter and

September 20, 2015




This week the students learned about multiples and factors.  The students learned the definition for prime, composite, and square numbers.  They ended the week with playing “multiple turn over”. While playing this game students need to know the factors of numbers 1-100.  Next week we will continue learning about multiplication including factors and multiples.  You can help your child by asking them to name the factors of any number 2-100.  




The students learned more about character traits and inferring.  We learned that sometimes you have to infer to figure out the character trait.  I read the class The Wreck of the Zypher and Perdito’s Day.  Students are also in reading groups.  The groups are reading different stories and working on literary skills.  Reading groups meet from 2 to 5 times a week and usually have 4 to 6 students in them.




This week we took our writing outside.  The students learned the importance of adding details in their writing earlier this year.  This week the students had to go outside to describe one plant so well their partner could find it.  Students realized the more specific their writing, the easier the partner could find it.  Next week we will begin story writing.




We began the electricity unit this week.  The students were surprised that they could make a light bulb turn on using only one wire, one battery and a small light bulb.  They also made other closed circuits and learned electricity symbols.  Next week we will continue the electricity unit.




Wednesday we went outside to look at our plants for Phenology.  A few students are studying trees that are changing colors on the top.  The students are noticing a lot of spider webs and large grasshoppers still around.


Green Challenge


This past week as part of the green challenge the students kept track of how many things were thrown away or put in the recycling.  The students were surprised how much is thrown away during the day.  We also monitored the recycling and trash bins to make sure items were put in the correct container.


Classroom Website


Please check the school website for updates and pictures throughout the school year.  Mrs. Steinbeck and I will be posting the newsletters, classroom updates, pictures, and other important information.  You can log on to the website using the following login and password:


Parent Portal Username: PCCSparent

Parent Portal Password: pccsgreen201516


Upcoming Dates


9-23 Farm to Table lunch Please click to find the form HERE


Wish List

  1. Wide Ruled Notebook Paper
  2. Low Odor White Board Markers  
  3. Fruit cups or applesauce for kids who forgot a snack