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Newsletter, September 17, 2017

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

September 17, 2017




The students have started reading groups.  They are working on making predictions and answering questions about their books.  During whole group lessons the students are learning to identify the theme of a story.  They are also making connections to the books.  The connections can be to themselves, another text, or the world.  We read a book called Hurricane that the students made a variety of connections.  Next week we will continue reading groups and learning about connections.




The students are working on finalizing their realistic fiction stories.  They have been revising the stories to add more dialog and details.  On Friday they looked at techniques other authors used to see if it would work for their stories.  Next week the students should finish editing and revising the story.  We are hoping to read the stories to students in Mrs. McGovern’s class.




The students have finished Unit 1 in Bridges.  At the end of Unit 1 the students learned about measurement including standard and metric measurements.  They really enjoyed the hands on activities with beans, clay, and water.  Ask your child to explain these activities.  Please check out the math newsletter for information about Unit 2.  




We have concluded our magnet unit.  As part of our magnet study, Naomi came to teach our class about how to use a compass.  Now the students are learning about electricity.  They were very excited on Friday to make circuits and get their light bulb to turn on.  We will continue learning about electricity for about the next two weeks.




Please return the attached form if you will be volunteering in the classroom.


Student Handbook Information on Dress Code

Students shall:

  1. Show proper attention to personal cleanliness, neatness, and standards of dress for school;
  2. Wear clothing that is close to mid-thigh (teacher determined);
  3. Wear appropriate shoes for the day’s activity;
  4. Wear only clothing appropriate for indoors (no coats, jackets, hats gloves etc.)
  5. Remove sweatbands, caps, bandanas or any accessory made of bandana material, and sunglasses (without medical consent);
  6. Wear see through garments only if worn over something that appropriately covers all exposed areas;


Students will not wear any of the following:

  1. Revealing tops (such as halter-tops, muscle shirts, low cut tops, tube tops, spaghetti tops, mesh tops, backless tops, crop tops);
  2. Wearing trousers or jeans which sag so that the top of the trousers or jeans are significantly below the waist;
  3. Leggings, Yoga Pants or similar styles of leisure wear-unless covered by another garment;
  4. Any apparel that shows bare midriff;
  5. Garments with large sleeveless openings;
  6. Clothing that advertises tobacco, alcohol products, refers to drugs, or supports violence or hatred;
  7. Clothing with questionable sayings or references to sexual activity, violence, profanity, or racial contexts.


Upcoming Events


September 20 – Early Release

September 20-23 –  Textile Drive

September 29- Field Trip to College of Lake County for the play