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Newsletter September 13, 2020

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter 

September 13, 2020




Please have your child log into my class Zoom by 8 am for attendance. Your child should be logged in to Zoom for lessons throughout the day. If your child will be absent, please email the office, myself, and Mrs. Steinbeck. This is a change. Please have your child go straight to PE on Tuesdays. If your child goes to another teacher at 8:00, please go directly to that teacher.


Wonderful and Helpful Staff


I am so very thankful for all the staff members that are available at PCCS to support our class. I have been assigned other PCCS staff to help in the classroom. Some other teachers and assistants join our zoom class. I am excited that these staff members are available to help all students in the whole group, small groups, and individually. With the help of other staff members, I can assure all students get the support they need during zoom calls.




This past week the students went to breakout sessions during reading for small reading groups. The students will work on reading comprehension and a variety of reading strategies during reading groups. This past week the students learned about asking and answering questions to have a better understanding of their reading. Next week students will learn about retelling stories and visualizing while reading.




This past week the students spent time editing and revising their writing. I look forward to reading their writing pieces. This coming week the students will research a woodland animal. They will be using books on Epic for research. 




The students continued to work on addition and subtraction strategies. The students went on a measurement scavenger hunt. Next week they will continue to solve a variety of addition and subtraction problems. Students will play math workplace games with a partner in zoom breakout rooms.




Our science lessons continued to be about woodlands. The students learned about the parts of a tree. We watched an Arbor Day video about how to identify trees. Next week we will learn about tree cookies. They will also research woodland animals during science and writing.




If your child needs a Chromebook, please let the office know. The school can issue you a Chromebook for remote learning. Many of the 3rd-grade activities may be difficult to do on an IPAD. Some families who already had a tablet or IPAD use that for Zoom and the school 

Chromebook for assignments.


Curriculum Night


This year curriculum night will be a virtual event. Please go to Ms. Hahn Zoom at 6:00 on Monday. This is a time for general information about the curriculum or the classroom. If you have questions about your child, I am happy to answer them at a later time.


Wednesday Early Release


We will keep our normal schedule except please have students log into Zoom at 12:15 after lunch. 


Upcoming Dates


  • Monday, September 14, 6:00 pm, Virtual Comstock Curriculum Night (k-4), Ms. Hahn Zoom
  • September 14-18: Attendance Week 
    • Monday: Pajama Day
    • Tuesday: Sports Day
    • Wednesday: Hat Day
    • Thursday: Throwback Thursday ( Find a photo from when you were younger to share with the class)
    • Friday: PCCS SPIRIT DAY! Wear green or PCCS gear
  • September 16 Early Release
  • September 17th at 8:00 a.m Virtual Natural Leader Assembly 
  • Thursday, September 17, 6:00 PM- Virtual Carson Curriculum Night (5-8)
  • Friday, September 25 – Materials Pick-Up


Important Links


Hahn Remote Schedule


Zoom Links


A message from Naomi Hershiser our Dean of Environmental Learning


I have created a Prairie Crossing Charter School team for the Eco-Challenge, which runs Oct. 7-28.  This is a global online event/challenge where you can choose things that you will do to help the environment and earn points for your team — and help the planet — by completing the actions.