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Newsletter September 11, 2022

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter


September 11, 2022




The students have continued to use different strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. They are using the standard algorithm, a number line, and breaking the numbers apart. We will continue Unit 4 this coming week and have a test in about 2 weeks. If your child needs more practice, please spend a few minutes reviewing facts daily. This can be with flashcards, a computer game, or in the car. In 3rd grade, I keep the home connection book at school. The whole book will come home on nights there is homework. Many days your child will have time to start the homework assignment at school.




This past week the students used their reading journals to record their books. They are learning more about how to identify the genre of a book. I also read a fiction book and our first nonfiction book about animals. Next week we will read more animal books. I will also continue listening to each student read a book and answer questions about the book.




In writing this week the students began by thinking of a person that is important to them. Then they listed some small moments they had with that person. They are working on writing long and including a lot of details.


Science and Environmental Education


The class is now learning more about the forest. They learned about the layers of the forest, the layers inside a tree, and more about how scientists identify trees. Next week we will continue to learn more about the forest.


On Wednesday we took a very long hike to Oak Openings. The students made observations about what they saw, smelled, and felt. They also got a chance to explore the area. Some students even found toads.


Volunteer Opportunities


I welcome volunteers during recess and lunch from 11:20-12:20. If you are interested in volunteering during the day, just let me know.


Curriculum Night September 13, 2022


The 3rd and 4th-grade teachers will start in the barn at 6 pm. After our whole group presentation, we will head to the classrooms.


Upcoming Events


  • September 13th – Curriculum Night Comstock Building 6-7 pm
  • September 15th – Curriculum Night Carson Building 6-7 pm
  • Friday, September 16, 2022-Early Release-Teacher In-service
  • Wednesday, September 21, 2022 – Joey Finerhyme Assembly 
  • Wednesday, September 28, 2022- Field Trip More information coming soon
  • Tuesday, October 11. 2022-Picture Retake Day