Newsletter October 4

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter and

October 4, 2015




The students have started Unit 3 in math.  They are solving larger multiplication problems by breaking them into smaller problems.  For example, 17 X 9 = ( 10 X 9) + ( 7 X 9).  The students are drawing arrays to match the problems.  Next week we will continue larger multiplication problems and also learn more about larger division problems.




This week I read the students a book called Who Really Discovered America.  The students had a great discussion on who they thought discovered America.  The students also learned about types of fiction and types of nonfiction.  They made foldables with definitions for their reading notebooks.  During reading groups the students read about Arachne from Greek myths.  Next week we will continue learning about Greek myths.




The students wrote their first draft of their stories this past week.  Then they typed the story onto a Google document.  The students are working on adding an interesting beginning, details about the setting, and details about the characters.  Next week the students will put the final touches on their writing.




During science this week the students learned about solid materials that make good conductors.  Next week we will learn about liquid conductors of electricity.  The students will get a study guide for a science test on October 9th.  For the next few weeks we will focus on social studies.


Social Studies


The students were excited to begin our first social studies unit of the school year.  They are learning about different explorers.  A few student read a reader’s theater about who really discovered America.  The audience had to decide if the explorer had enough proof to for the claim that they discovered America.  On Friday we started to go over the reasons for exploration.  Next week we will learn more about the reasons for explorations.  In the coming weeks the students will study about a specific explorer.




Wednesday the students went outside to make phenology observations.  The students noticed the maple tree is turning red on the top and a tree with red berries has dropped all the berries.  As part of our phenology students have to figure out the daylight hours when given sunrise and sunset.  This is a challenge for some of the students and I encourage you to ask your child elapsed time questions.




Some students are struggling to carry the large binders.  If your child would like to try an alternative organization system, that is fine with me.  I recommend an expanding file or 7 pocket folder.  Every night students should be bringing home an assignment notebook, word work journal, and the zip pocket with their words.  Most students should be bringing home their morning work to finish a few problems.  There are days that another journal may come home to study for a test or to finish an assignment.


Anti-Bully Week


Next week is Anti-Bully Week.  The students will have different activities and lessons about bullying next week.  They will learn to identify bullying and what to do if they are bullied.  The teaching assistants have prepared lessons for the third and fourth graders on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 10:00.  Friday there is an all school assembly for Anti-Bully Week.


Upcoming Dates


Monday, October 5- Wear blue for Anti-Bully week

Tuesday, October 6- Green Assembly

Thursday, October 8  Math test retake

Friday, October 9- Early Release, science test, Anti-Bully assembly, staff student soccer game

Monday, October 12- No School

Wednesday, October 14- Farm to Table