Newsletter October 25, 2015

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter and

October 25, 2015




This week the students continued solving multiplication and division problems.  They learned about related multiplication problems.  Example:  8 X 4 = 32  and 80 X 4 = 320.  To solve multiplication and division problems the students are encouraged to find the important information and read the problem closely to figure out what is being asked.  Group 3 has finished this unit but will continue working on multiplication, division, and factors.  This group solved many division problems with remainders.  They are now working on long division with planning a movie theater.  Next week all groups will continue learning strategies to solve multiplication and division problems.  




During reading groups this week the students finished the nonfiction reading passages.  The students finished the week by writing a compare and contrast writing piece based on what they read.  They had to use evidence from the text in their writing.  Next week all students will begin reading The Underworlds #1 The Battle Begins.  This book has allusions to Greek myths.


During whole group reading lessons the class compared and contrasted King Midas and Pandora.  The students had to support their answers based on the text.  They also reread the Greek myths and made notations in the stories.  They noted parts they had to infer and predict.  They also marked important information and parts that was exciting.  Next week we will continue using Greek myths for the whole class lessons.




Students finalized their writing about service animals this week.  We discussed ways to introduce and conclude an informational piece of writing.  Students had to use compare and contrast words in their writing.  Next week we will begin a cause and effect writing piece.


Social Studies


This week the students finished the explorer timeline.  Friday the students started to research a specific explorer.  They are using library books to find out about the explorer.  The students are realizing it is important to use the table of contents and the index to find the information quickly.  Next week the students will continue researching their explorer.




On Thursday the students went out to the old homestead in Prairie Crossing.  There is a place off Harris Road that still has the foundation of a farm.  The students had to look for evidence of a barn, a house, and other buildings.  With my help, the students found the main barn, the machine shed, a chicken coop, and the house.  Then the students found the length and width of each building.  This ties into a project we will be doing after winter break when we study Colonial America.




Some students are struggling to carry the large binders.  If your child would like to try an alternative organization system, that is fine with me.  I recommend an expanding file or 7 pocket folder.  Every night students should be bringing home an assignment notebook, word work journal, and the zip pocket with their words.  Most students should be bringing home their morning work to finish a few problems.  There are days that another journal may come home to study for a test or to finish an assignment.


Field Trip


On October 30th we will be going on a field trip to the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan to participate in the Ray Bradbury Storytelling Festival. Seating is limited and no chaperones are needed for this field trip.  We will leave at 9:30 and return at 12:30.  We will be having lunch after we return.  


Halloween Party


Students can bring a costume to school on Friday.  We will give the students time to change into costumes before the parade.  Please remember to leave all fake weapons at home.  


Please send in a plate, cup, and silverware for the party.


Extra Early Release Day


There will be early release Nov. 4 and Nov. 5 for new furniture delivery.




Our squash runneth over…Third and fourth grades are conducting a fundraiser with the leftover butternut squash.  Ms. Moyer put together several butternut squash recipes that will make your mouth water! If you would like to make a donation, we will send home a butternut squash and recipes for you all to enjoy.  We plan to donate the money raised to the Sustainable Schoolyard and the Farm to Table programs.  This opportunity is open to all PCCS families and staff.  Please send your donation to Mrs. McGovern’s class and we will send home the squash and recipes for you to enjoy!


Upcoming Dates


Friday, October 30- Field Trip, Storytelling

Halloween Party and parade starting at 2:00


Tuesday, Nov. 3- Green Challenge

Wednesday, Nov. 4- Early Release

Thursday, Nov. 5- Early Release