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Newsletter, October 23

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

October 23, 2016




This past week  I read two books by Verna Aardema.  We studied the main character in Koi and the Kola Nuts.  We completed an organizer to show how the character affected the story.  Next week I will be reading Borreguita and the Coyote by Verna Aardema.  The students will be recounting the story and comparing the characters of this story.


Reading groups continue to read Chocolate Touch.  The groups are working on answering the comprehension questions in complete sentences.  The students are realizing that a question can have more than one answer.




Tuesday we went outside for math.  The students measured the lengths of leaves from 9 different trees.  Then the students used this data to create line plots and bar graphs.  This week the students also worked on the challenging perimeter problems from last week.  They had to add up to 10 numbers to find the perimeter of polygon.  Next week we will measure the perimeter of real word objects and then take an assessment on perimeter.  In the middle of the week, the students will begin a unit on area.  It is important that students understand the concept of area not a formula using multiplication.  The students will be covering different polygons with squares objects to determine the area.


Please remember to have your child play math games at home at least two times a week.  Please indicate your child played the math games above the spelling list under reminders.  I would encourage your child to practice skip counting at home by all numbers 2-12.  This will help him/her memorize their multiplication facts.


Science and Social Studies


This past week the students learned about map features including  scale, map key, legend, latitude, longitude, cardinal directions, and intermediate directions. This week the students will begin labeling a map of Illinois.  If you have a atlas that includes Illinois, you could show it to your child.  


Green Challenge- Eat Real


Next week the students will learn what it means to eat real.  They will participate in a pretend shopping experience with the donations for the food bank.   We will also have a short assembly about apples on the 25th.  Then our class will eat the apples while reviewing specks from Earthkeepers.


High Frequency Spelling Words

  1. Because
  2. Four
  3. Head
  4. Above
  5. began




Students did a great job with their seed ideas this past week.  They revised their stories to tell it bit by bit.  They also worked on changing the lead of the story.  Next week the students will be revising their stories.  They will be trying to decide what is the most important part of the story and developing that section.  We will also be discussing how writer can revise their stories by grouping related sentences into paragraphs and then elaborating on those paragraphs.




Please help your child complete the Y key tasks on time.  Remind your child to work on the assignment to get it done by time.  If your child forget to bring their Earthkeepers on Friday, please send it on Monday.


Halloween Costumes


Must follow these guidelines.


No excessive violence depicted by the costume

No face masks or hoods which render students unrecognizable

No “Creepy Clown” masks or “Creepy Clown” face paint

No Weapons of any kind, real or toy.


Upcoming Dates


Monday, October 31- 1:45 Halloween Party

Nov. 1- Green Challenge Assembly

Nov. 2- Field Trip to CLC , Early Release


Wish List


  1. Quart and snack size plastic bags
  2. Single servings of fruit for kids that need a snack