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Newsletter October 2, 2022

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

October 3, 2022




Students have finished Unit 1 in math about addition and subtraction. They have now started Unit 2 about multiplication. Students are learning the meaning of multiplication and how to solve story problems involving multiplication. We will be continuing to learn more about multiplication and learning multiplication strategies in the coming weeks.




During reading, I have read nonfiction books about animals and have begun reading a few fables to the class. I also have started small group reading groups. During small groups, the students work with the teacher to read a book, answer questions, do word work, and write about the book. While I work with a small group, the other students read books, do word work, or write. Next week we will read about King Midas and then begin the chapter book Chocolate Touch




Students have finished their first narrative story. They worked on adding sensory details, choosing a good beginning, and telling bit by bit. This past week the students began a nonfiction book about the woodland animal they have been researching. We will make a final draft of the story next week.


Science and Environmental Education


During science, we have been learning about woodland animals. The students took notes about their animal and created a life-sized cutout of that animal. Next week we will begin learning about the wetlands.


Naomi taught the class about the food chain in an activity called “Munchline Monitors”. The students found evidence of sun munchers, plant munchers, and animal munchers on a short hike. Then they used objects to create a food chain. 


On Wednesday the class went to Lockhart nature center for our field trip. The students learned about the soil cycle, water cycle, and air cycle by following a pretend path of one of these elements. Then they went on a ramble and made discoveries. The last activity was about the food chain. The students each pretended to be a plant or an animal. They showed how they get their air, water, energy, or water with ropes connected to each other. 


Volunteer Opportunities


I welcome volunteers during recess and lunch from 11:20-12:20. . This is the new sign-up for October. If you are interested in volunteering during the day, just let me know.


Remind App and Communication


If you have not signed up for Remind, use this link. I often see these messages faster than an email.


Upcoming Events


  • Thursday, October 6, 2022-Early Release-Teacher In-Service
  • Friday, October 7, 2022-No School-Teacher In-Service
  • Monday, October 10. 2022-No School-Columbus/Indigenous Peoples Day
  • Tuesday, October 11. 2022-Picture Retake Day
  • Friday, October 14, 2022-Fun Food Friday