Newsletter October 18, 2015

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October 18, 2015




During math this past week the students focused on division story problems.  They had to decide what to do with remainders.  They solved the problems by breaking the numbers apart, using cubes, and drawing pictures.  Students were also given a chance to fix mistakes on previous math assignments.  Next week students will be skip counting by two digit numbers and looking for patterns.  All students will be continuing solving larger multiplication and division problems in the coming weeks.




This past week the reading groups read nonfiction reading passages.  They focused on vocabulary words and reading closely.  Next week they will finish this reading passage by answering comprehension questions.   During the large group lessons, we reviewed allusion in literature.  Then we learned more about character traits.  The students learned the acronym FAST, for feelings, actions, speech, and thoughts.  The students will continue learning about character traits using Greek myths next week.




This week the students read a passage about service animals.  They are using this passage to compare and contrast guide animals, general service animals, and hearing animals.  We looked closely at the passage and made a venn diagram before writing the first draft.  The students are typing this writing piece.  We will finish this writing piece next week.


Social Studies


This past week the students finished the vocabulary for this unit.  The students looked at an explorer map.  The students traced the routes of different explorers.  They also began a timeline about early explorers.  Next week they will finish the timeline and begin researching a specific explorer.


During our field trip the students drew maps of a natural area.  They had to include a map key and a compass rose.  In the afternoon our class received the maps Ms. Kroll’s class drew.  The students had to find the area that class drew.  The students realized the challenge of map making without using manmade landmarks.  




Wednesday we went outside for phenology.  The students saw a lot of changes to their plants.   The students noticed the leaves changing colors and the flowers going to seed.  


During our field trip the students had a chance to have a quiet spot.  They also had a chance to explore a prairie, woods, and wetland.  The students made good observations of the plants.  They also saw a lot of caterpillars crawling on the path.




Some students are struggling to carry the large binders.  If your child would like to try an alternative organization system, that is fine with me.  I recommend an expanding file or 7 pocket folder.  Every night students should be bringing home an assignment notebook, word work journal, and the zip pocket with their words.  Most students should be bringing home their morning work to finish a few problems.  There are days that another journal may come home to study for a test or to finish an assignment.


Green Challenge October


October is Trash Free Lunch month!

Packing a trash free lunch is good for the planet, and it’s also good for your pocketbook.  The average family in the US spends over $85 per year on plastic bags.  That means you can buy some replacement reusable containers for the ones that mysteriously don’t make it back home and still save money!  Plus, buying in bulk saves money.

A comparison at Jewel in late September of 4 common items showed that you can save a lot over the course of a year by buying large containers as opposed to individually wrapped foods.*

Product Cost per oz. for individual packages Cost per oz. to buy larger sized packages
Chobani yogurt $0.25 $0.19
Apple juice $0.06 $0.03 or $0.04 (size)
Sunchips $0.45 $0.38
Oreos $0.27 $0.19

It looks like only cents, but over a year, it adds up!  Go green and save green!

*Prices rounded to nearest cent.




Keep items out of landfills! The Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO) will be collecting several hard-to-recycle items at Recycle-O-Rama. Propane tanks, bikes, keys, stuffed animals, car seats, cell phones and whole lot more will be accepted! View the complete list of accepted items:


Where: Lcdot – Lake County, IL Division of Transportation, 600 W. Winchester Road, Libertyville

When: Saturday, Oct. 24, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.


Upcoming Dates


Wednesday, October 21- Early Release, Science test retakes

Friday, October 30- Halloween Party and parade starting at 2:00