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Newsletter October 10, 2022

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

October 10, 2022




The students are doing well learning about multiplication. They have learned to use a number line and draw pictures to represent multiplication problems. Next week we will continue to use arrays and play multiplication math games. All students should have their addition adn subtraction facts memorized. Now it is time to learn multiplication facts using flashcards, online games, or videos.




Students have been doing really well in small reading groups. They are reading the books well,  answering questions about the books, and writing about the books. Last week we read about King Midas and discussed his character traits. Students learned that character traits can be shown in feelings, actions, speech, and thoughts. (FAST) Next week we will begin the week reading about the history of chocolate. Then begin reading Chocolate Touch




During writing the students used their animal research to write a short nonfiction paper (or book) about the animal. They are learning to expand their ideas and break their ideas into topics. We also worked on a good conclusion. Next week they will make a final draft of their paper. Then we will write another story.


Science and Environmental Education


During science, we began our study of wetland habitats. They have learned about the different types of wetlands. They learned that the wetland is like many other things including soap, a bed, a coffee filter, and cereal. Ask your child if they can tell you about how a wetland is like these items. We also have been learning about the adaptions of plants and animals to survive in the wetlands. Next week we will continue learning about the wetlands and study cattails.


On Wednesday we went outside to do phenology. We noticed the changes on an Oak tree outside our classroom. Then we saw a Praying Mantis outside another classroom. This week Naomi will come to teach another lesson related to EcoHeros. 


Volunteer Opportunities


I welcome volunteers during recess and lunch from 11:20-12:20. . This is the new sign-up for October. If you are interested in volunteering during the day, just let me know.


Remind App and Communication


If you have not signed up for Remind, use this link. I often see these messages faster than an email.


Upcoming Events


  • Tuesday, October 11. 2022-Picture Retake Day
  • Friday, October 14, 2022-Fun Food Friday
  • Monday, October 17, 2022- Cook Potatoes from the garden, Volunteers needed