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Newsletter October 1, 2017

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

October 1, 2017




The past few weeks in reading have been focused on making connections to what you read.  The class worked on connections together using the book Grandma’s Records.  The students then had individual practice finding connections to something he/she read.  The students are getting better at describing their examples.  Next week we will begin learning about Greek Myths.   They will learn what is a myth, and how to find implied character traits.  Reading groups will continue next week.  The students will read a variety of myths.




The students really enjoyed writing realistic fiction stories.  We read our stories to Mrs. McGovern’s class.  The students then wrote a second realistic fiction story much quicker.  Next week the students will begin a new writing unit on opinion writing.




Math is going great this year with a lot of great problem solving.  The students are solving large multiplication problems using partial products.  Ask your child to show you how they solve a large problem like 27 X  9 by drawing an array.  The students are also multiplying by 10, 100, and 1000.  Students who know their facts quickly are finding the math easy to finish in class.  If your child still struggles with basic multiplication fact, please work on them at home.




The students really enjoyed learning about electricity.  They learned about switches, closed circuits, open circuits, parallel lights, series lights, conductors of electricity, and nonconductors of electricity.  Many students we sad to learn we have finished our electricity unit.


Social Studies


Next week we will begin learning about explorers of North and South America.  I will challenge them by asking, “Who really discovered America?”  Students will learn 7 reasons for exploration and vocabulary words related to exploration.  After the long weekend, we will begin learning more about specific explorers.


FYI… Interesting Reading if you have a few moments:


Upcoming Events


October 3- Green Challenge Assembly

October 6- No School, Teacher inservice

October 9- No School, Columbus Day

October 10- Picture retakes

October 11- Farm to Table

October 18- Early Release