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Newsletter November 24, 2019

Newsletter  11-24-19


The students have written one opinion writing piece.  They worked on including an introduction, 3 middle paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.  During writing the students also added introduction and conclusion sentences. They have now started a persuasive essay using the same structure.  We will finish up these essays in about a week.


In math, the students finished Unit 3 about fractions and decimals.  The students worked on writing a number as a fraction and a decimal. For example, 5/100 and 0.05.  They also solved word problems involving fractions. Our next unit is about rounding, addition, and subtraction.


In reading, the students have finished their book projects about The Underworlds.  During the past week, the students have been reading readers’ theater. After the break, we will focus more on non-fiction reading.


In science, we will finish our electricity unit on Monday.  The students learned how to make simple circuits. They also learned about what objects conduct electricity.  During a lesson with Naomi, the students learned about solar panels and solar energy. After the break, we will begin our unit on magnets.


Don’t forget that students come to the conferences.  Please help me stay on time and knock on the door when it is your time.  Our student-teacher, Mrs. Griffin, will be at the conferences.


Book Fair


The Scholastic Book Fair is coming PCCS! Please visit our homepage HERE to learn about the E-Wallet. We also have our volunteer sign up page available to those who are able to help. We’ll see you there!  


Upcoming Events


  • 11/25-26/19 Conferences Early Release
  • 11/27-29 No School Thanksgiving Break
  • 12/4/19 Early Release
  • 12/6/19 Pizza Friday
  • 12/7/19 Winter Market Place/Artisan Fair
  • 12/13/19 Holiday Bazaar


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