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Newsletter November 12, 2017

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

November 12, 2017




The students have finished reading Underworlds The Battle Begins.  The class enjoyed all reading and discussing the same book.  This coming week the students will be completing a book project.  Many students asked me if we are reading the second book in the series.  The class is not reading the next book, but it might be available at your local library.  We are now starting regular reading groups again.  Each group will be reading a nonfiction book and answering questions about their reading.  




Students’ first opinion paper has been finished.  They worked on adding information, expanding ideas, and adding transition words.  Now the students are working on a second opinion paper.  The will apply all the skills learned from the first paper in their writing for the second paper.  We hope to finish these in the next week.




The class will finish Unit 3 before Thanksgiving break.  The students are learning to make equivalent fractions, add fractions, and even multiply a whole number by a fraction.  They are learning to read and write decimals.  Students are learning to compare decimals.  I recommend doing IXL about fractions and decimals or the math games related to Unit 3 to prepare for the test.  The math games are on my webpage and on Google Classroom.




A write sort is where the student sorts the spelling words and then writes them in their journal.  A blind write sort is where another person reads off the spelling words.  The student then writes the words in the correct columns.  If your child completes this on a white board, please initial the notebook or indicate someway that it was done at home.  


Homework Slips


To prepare students for 5th grade, we have implemented homework slips.  If an assignment is missing or not done, we give the child a homework slip.  Please ask your child to complete the assignment and return the work to class.  Also, leave the slip in the assignment notebook for us to take out.  We want all students to be successful at school and complete their work.


Social Studies

It was exciting to hear all the wonderful projects about explorers.  The children presented to students in Mrs. Wagner’s class.  They learned how tiring it is to stand and talk for a long time.  We have finished our explorer unit and now will begin a unit about light.


Message from Administration


As we approach our holiday seasons with upcoming parties and group events, we look forward to seeing you and your children participating in all aspects of the celebrations. In the classroom, staff may come by and take pictures of the students and parents having fun. Please note, however, that some families have opted for their children not to be photographed. If you plan to take pictures of anyone other than your child, please ensure that you have obtained parental permission of the children you photograph prior to taking those pictures. Additionally, some parents may prefer that their children’s pictures not be posted on social media. Please check with them before posting. We look forward to making more wonderful memories with your children and you! Thank you for your understanding.


Parent Teacher Conferences


I want to thank you for signing up for conferences using the following link:  I look forward to meeting with you.  Remember to bring your child.


Geography Bee


It is time for PCCS’s Second Annual Geography Bee! In November, our class will hold a classroom Geography Bee, to determine a finalist to send to the school-wide competition. Finalists will then compete at our school Geo Bee on Dec 12th. To learn more and help your child prepare, you may wish to use the National Geographic resources, found here. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Turner at Thank you!


Upcoming Events


November 15- Farm to Table lunch

November 20- Early Release, Parent Teacher Conferences

November 21- Early Release, Parent Teacher Conferences

November 22-24- No School

December 6- Early Release

December 7 – Holiday Bazaar