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Newsletter, Nov. 6, 2016

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

November 6, 2016


At the beginning of the week the students read Jason and the Golden Fleece.  I also read a few folktales from Korea.  The books had all had a tricky rabbit in them.  In third grade students need to compare books by the same authors.  Next week the students will listen to a few more folktales from other countries.  The students will be comparing the characters, recounting the events, and comparing the themes.

The students continued to read Chocolate Touch.  The students answered comprehension questions, learned vocabulary words, and wrote about the book during this book study.  Next week the students will write an apology letter to Susan pretending to be John.  Once reading groups finish Chocolate Touch, they will begin reading nonfiction books and articles.


This past week the students continued to learn about area.  Next week the students will finish up our unit on area by comparing area and perimeter.  Then we will begin our unit on multiplication.  The students will be using repeated addition as a beginning for multiplication.  They will also be using models and arrays to show multiplication situations.

Please remember to have your child play math games at home at least two times a week.  Please indicate your child played the math games above the spelling list under reminders.  I would encourage your child to practice skip counting at home by all numbers 2-12.  This will help him/her memorize their multiplication facts.

Social Studies and Environmental Education

This week the students finished making their maps of Illinois.  Next week the students will learn about glaciers and how they affected Illinois landforms.  The students had time for phenology on Thursday.  The students have noticed that many of the leaves have fallen off the trees.  They are very interested in the shapes and colors of the leaves.  Next week we will have quiet spots on Thursday.


This week the students became captains of their own writing.  They all began a second true story.  The students will write, revise, edit, and publish this piece of writing next week.  It is important for students to remember to tell the story bit by bit and to use a storytelling voice.  Next week I will have short mini lessons on how to improve their writing pieces through the revision process.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Students in third grade come to their conference and sit in the room.  The parents and the teachers do the majority of the talking.  However, students should be a part of the conference.

Diwali Event, November 9

Here is some information about the event.

  • We start all together with a traditional welcome of rosewater, bindi (decorative red dot on forehead), and mishri (rock sugar) gift. After the welcoming, we will have a presentation for the whole group.
  • What are the different stations?
    • Dance – Students will learn a few moves of garbha  or bhangra while listening to traditional music.
    • Craft Coloring/Henna – Students will get henna tattoos and color their own coloring page to learn more about the art of rangoli.
    • Craft Rangoli – Students will make their own rangoli.
    • Photobooth – Students will learn about traditional clothes, try them on, and take photo to commemorate the holiday.
    • Food – Students will get to try a savory snack and a sweet snack. For sweet, we have gulab jamun. For savory, we will serve namak pare or samosas. For those with gluten and nut allergies we will be serving idli with sambar. It is a very small sample and should not be seen as a meal.
  • Please remind the students that every activity is optional. They do not have to eat anything they don’t want to eat. If they feel uncomfortable, they just need to let us know.  
  • Diwali is a new year celebration and one of the traditions is dress up in best outfit. The MPAC & Diwali Planning wanted to ask the whole school community to wear cultural and ethnic clothing or nicer clothes.
  • We will be accepting toiletry donations for the Cool Food Pantry Veterans Aid Program on the day of the event. Please bring shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, soap, toothbrushes, etc. for our veterans.

Upcoming Dates

Nov. 9- Diwali Assembly

Nov. 11-  Veteran’s Day Assembly, Look for parent/teacher conference sign ups

Nov. 16- Farm to Table Lunch

Nov. 21, Nov. 22-  Early Release, Parent Teacher Conferences