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Newsletter Nov. 20, 2022

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

November 20, 2022




The students have finished unit 2 about multiplication and began unit 3 about addition and subtraction. The unit started by teaching how to round to the nearest 10 and nearest 100. Students are also using a variety of strategies to solve problems involving addition and subtraction. The students can use number lines, break the numbers apart, or the traditional method. A new strategy that many students are learning to use is a constant difference. The students change the problems by adding or subtracting numbers in the equation to make a friendly number. Example 82- 19= 83-20




The class has finished reading Chocolate Touch. They completed a timeline of the ten most important events in the book. We are now having small reading groups where the students read short books with the teacher. They are asked questions about the book and write about the book.




Students finished their second personal narrative story. Now they are working on an opinion writing piece. They are learning how to organize their writing into paragraphs. We are also working on adding relevant information and details. This is the first essay they are composing on Google Docs. We will be working on this next week and finish after Thanksgiving break.


Social Studies and Environmental Education


In social studies, the students have been learning about early Native American life in the Illinois region. We learned about Paleo Indians and Chakokia. Then we moved on to learn more about the woodland and the plains tribes. Students are connecting their study of woodland and prairies from the beginning of the year. We will continue learning about Native American life next week. Shortly after Thanksgiving, we will move on to learn about the inherited traits of plants and animals.


During our EE time, the students went to quiet spots and did phenology. Naomi also continued lessons about the soil, air, and water cycles. She also taught the class a little about Native American lives today.




The students have started a practice lesson from Words Their Way spelling. After Thanksgiving, students will be given another list based on a preassessment that I gave your child. Please send the spelling back to school daily.


Remind App and Communication


If you have not signed up for Remind, use this link. I often see these messages faster than an email.


Outdoor Clothing and Indoor Shoes


All students need to have indoor shoes at school. These can be your child’s PE shoes or another pair of shoes or slippers. 


As the weather gets colder, please remind your child to dress for the weather. Students go outside unless it is below zero, pouring rain, or dangerous weather.


Please label all clothing and shoes with your child’s name.


Change in Dismissal


In a continued effort to keep the students of PCCS safe. Beginning Monday, November 7th, the Geothermal field will be off-limits during school dismissal time, from 3:30, until 4:00 pm. If your child is a walker and you usually meet them near the area, the new walker pick-up location will be at the bike rack on the north side of the Carson building. If your child walks home alone they will continue to use the designated PCCS crosswalks to cross the streets around PCCS safely. We thank you for your cooperation and ask that you please communicate this change with your child.


Upcoming Events


  • November 21-22 – Early Release – Conferences. Monday 1-7 pm – Tuesday 1-4 pm
  • November 23-25 – Happy Thanksgiving! No School
  • Friday, December 9, 2022 – Holiday Bazaar