Newsletter May 6, 2018

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

May 6, 2018




The students are reading three different books in reading groups.  The books are Who Killed Cock Robin, The Missing Gator of Gumbo Limbo, and Stone Fox.  Students are answering comprehension questions, learning vocabulary words, and different literary elements.  The students meet every other day in group and are expected to do their reading on days they don’t have group.  The groups will continue for the next few weeks.




This past week the students did a final version of their historical paper.  This paper included informational writing, a story, and an opinion essay. This was a great way for students to review different types of writing.  On Friday they began writing a friendly letter to their Waukegan buddies. Next week they will finish their letters. Also, next week there will be a guest author to help the students with their next writing project.




This past week the students learned and used a variety of strategies to solve multiplication problems.  Some of the strategies included partial products, the four part area model, the two part area model and the over strategy.  Ask your child to show you some examples of these strategies. Next week we will finish Unit 7. The test will be on Friday.


Social Studies


We have started a new unit in social studies.  We started by labeling the states and capitals on a US map.  The main focus of the next unit is learning about Lewis and Clark.  They will be doing a group simulation they will begin next week. Each child will take the role of captain, private, journal writer, and interpreter.  Starting on Tuesday, ask your child what his/her role was during social studies.


Upcoming Events


  • May 8th- Band Concert
  • May 9- Early Release
  • May 10- Field Trip Independence Grove
  • May 11- Math Test
  • May 15- NWEA test
  • May 16- NWEA test