Newsletter May 26, 2019

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

May 26, 2019


In math the students have finished Unit 7 on fractions and multiplication.  The students learned more about comparing fractions and finding equivalent fractions.  The students used models and number lines to compare fractions. We only have a few days of math class left.  We will use those days to review 3rd grade math concepts including time and graphing.

In reading groups the students learned about different hazardous weather including tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and blizzards.  After we read the passage, we worked on highlighting only the important information from the passage. Many students wanted to highlight the whole page.  We only have a few reading sessions left. I want to encourage the students to continue reading until the end of the year and into the summer.

During writing the students finished their narrative story they worked on for many weeks.  The students also wrote an informational piece and another narrative story. The students had two days to complete each writing piece.  Some of writing time was also used for the science project. We will do a few fun writing activities to end the school year.

In science the students have learned about the hazardous weather in Illinois.  The completed a project about the weather in Illinois. The students created graphs, charts, Google Slides, and posters.  It was great to see the students work so well with their assigned partners during this project. The next few science classes left, the students will be learning about weather in other parts of the world.

The students spent a lot of time gardening this past Thursday.  We harvested lettuce to donate to a food pantry. The lettuce was rinsed and bagged.  We also planted corn and squash. Other classes planted beans. We hope to have some food for farm to table in the fall.

Please have your child bring an extra bag to school.  We will be sending home things most days. Extra school supplies were sent home.  We did not use them this school year, but you can save them for next school year. Please remind your child to empty his/her backpack daily.

I would like to thank everyone for the generous end of the year gifts and script money.  It was nice to return from my conference to see all the nice cards and flowers. Mrs. Steinbeck and I truly appreciate the kindness extended to us.


The Grove

On Thursday, May 30th, the following classes will go to The Grove in Glenview. The Grove houses the original home to the Kennicott family as they settled in the area in the 1850s. Hands-on colonial experiences such as learning in a one room schoolhouse, performing pioneer chores and games, and constructing log cabins are some of the highlights for the all-day field trip.


Miss McNally’s and Ms. Hahn’s homerooms are leaving at 8:15am and returning at 3pm. Please pack a nut-free and trash free lunch, water bottle, and snack. Students should dress for the weather.


Illinois State Beach Park

Wednesday, June 5th

Finally, to cap off the year and the Earthkeeper’s unit to acquire the “S” key, all the classes together will go to Illinois State Beach Park in Zion on Wednesday, June 5th all day. On this fun-filled day, the students will receive their final key, the “S” key if they completed the requirements of the Earthkeeper’s unit.


All 3rd/4th grade homerooms are leaving at 8:30am and returning at 3pm. Please pack a nut-free and trash free lunch, water bottle, and snack. Students should dress for the weather.


Upcoming Events


  • 5/30 Field Trip to the Grove
  • 5/31 Earthkeepers due
  • 6/3 Field Day
  • 6/4 Field Trip Illinois State Beach Park
  • 6/7 Early release, last day of school