Newsletter May 22, 2016

Hahn Newsletter

May 22, 2016


The students learned about US standard measurement this past week.  They learned to convert the measurements into different units.  For example, how 10 cups = how many pints.  On Friday they took a short open note quick on US standard measurement.  The last few days of school will be spent reviewing concepts from the year and introducing some 5th grade topics.

Reading and Writing

This week we wrapped up our poetry unit.  The students finished their poem books.  The students will have an opportunity to read them to the class next week.  Next week the students will be writing about grown up rules.  It will be like a sequel to the book The Secret Knowledge of Grown-up by David Winienski.  

Social Studies

The students are still continuing the Lewis and Clark simulation.  We will finish this next week.  It is great to see the students using books to learn more information for their different tasks.  The final week of school we will have a Lewis and Clark Immersion Day.   There will be different activities the students rotate to throughout the morning.  

Summer Learning

One program some parents have done in the past is GRASP.  There are online lessons for 4th grade in reading and math.  You can find information about the cost and enrollment at .

School Website

Please remember to check the school webpage for pictures and documents.  The homework is also on the calendar.

Parent Portal Username: PCCSparent

Parent Portal Password: pccsgreen201516

Field Day

Mr. Corra is looking for volunteers for field day.  Please click this link to volunteer.

Thank You

I would like to thank the parents for the wonderful teacher appreciation week.  Mrs. Steinbeck and I really enjoyed the gifts, breakfast, cards, flowers, and script money.  

Upcoming Dates

May 25- Field Day

May 30- No School

May 31- Lewis and Clark Immersion Day

June 1- Farm to Table

June 2- Picnic for 3rd and 4th grade

June 3- Last day of school, Early Release