Newsletter, May 1, 2016

Hahn Newsletter

May 1, 2016


We have finished our decimal unit.  Next week the students will be learning more about measurement.  They will be focusing on knowing relative sizes of different measurements.  The students will learn about metric units first and then US standard measurements.  The last few weeks of school we will continue rocket math for math facts.  Some students are very close to passing multiplication or division math facts.  


When we did not have PARCC testing this week the students met in reading groups.  The students are reading nonfiction small books.  The students are working on summarizing different sections of the book and picking out the most important details.  I also read many different poems to the class.  Next week we will be looking more closely at poems.

Writing and Grammar

This week some writing sessions were used for grammar lessons.  The students learned about subjects and predicates of a sentences.  They also worked on fixing run-on sentences and fragments.  During writing the students worked on writing poems.  The students really enjoyed hearing each other’s poems.

Social Studies/Geography

During social studies this week the students learned about latitude and longitude.  The students worked in groups to answer questions about a map of the area Lewis and Clark traveled.  On Friday the students learned about map scale.  Next week the students will begin a Lewis and Clark simulation.  


The weather was very cold this week when we went outside for phenology.  However, the students noticed a lot of changes in the plants.  The trees are blooming and many buds are starting to open.  The prairie plants are starting to come up in the gardens.  Look on the school website for pictures Mrs. Steinbeck took during phenology.

Summer Learning

One program some parents have done in the past is GRASP.  There are online lessons for 4th grade in reading and math.  You can find information about the cost and enrollment at .

School Website

Please remember to check the school webpage for pictures and documents.  The homework is also on the calendar.

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Upcoming Dates

May 3 – Green Challenge Assembly

May 4 – Erin’s Law Lesson with Mrs. Meyer, Early Release

May 10 – NWEA test

May 11 – NWEA test

May 18- Early Release