Newsletter March 5, 2017

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

March 5, 2017




The students have finished The Last Voyage of the Griffon by Wendy Caszatt-Allen and completed a plot turning poster.  The students picked out events that were successes, challenges, and turning points for the main character.  Be sure to check them out in the hallway during conferences.  The children began reading a new book about pioneer lifestyle this week.  The three books are Little House on the Prairie, A Perfect Place: Joshua’s Oregon Trail Diary, and Prairie School.  The students will be reading these books for the next few weeks.  




Our math focus continues to be fractions.  The students are learning to put fractions on a number line.  They used the fraction strips they had previously made to construct number lines with fractions.  On Friday, they began learning to put fractions larger than 1 on a number line.  Next week the students will continue learning about fractions on a number line and equivalent fractions.


Social Studies


Students are continuing the role play traveling on a wagon train.  The students are presented with different scenarios that may or may not delay the wagon train.  The students also had to lighten their wagons to cross the mountains.  It is fun to read their wagon trail diaries about the things that happen to them.  Ask your child what is happening to his/her pretend family.




The students have been working on their persuasive writing the past few weeks.  They learned that adding examples and short stories help persuade someone.  The children also had a chance to organize their ideas.  Next week we will work on editing and revising the persuasive writing piece.


Other Information


  • Please remind your child to bring a water bottle to school daily.
  • All students need a napkin for lunch and snack.


Student Led Conferences


The students are working hard to prepare for student led conferences.  Children will share how they are doing in different subjects in school as well as behavior goals.  I will meet with every child to make sure they are ready for you.  There will be more than one conference going on at one time.  You may come in with your child at the assigned time.  If you need to sign up for conferences please go to


PARCC test


Starting in 3rd grade students take a test called PARCC.  This test will be divided up to many different days.  If your child has a 504 or IEP accommodation for testing, he/she will be testing in the computer lab or in our classroom.  The students without accommodations will be split up to test in Mrs. McGovern’s, Mrs. Wagner’s, or Mrs. Larson’s classroom.  You can find out more about the PARCC test at  


Upcoming Dates


March 7- Green Assembly

March 8- Early Release, Student Led Conferences

March 9- Early Release, Student Led Conferences

March 15- Early Release

March 16 – 1st PARCC test

March 20- PARCC test

March 22- PARCC test