Newsletter, March 4, 2016

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

March 4, 2016


In math this week the students learned to multiply a whole number times a mixed number.  The students used the distributive property to solve the equations.  The students had to change the improper fractions into mixed numbers.  The students also solved two-step problems and multiplication or division problems.  Next week the students will finish the unit on addition, subtraction, and multiplication of fractions.


While reading Winter of Red Snow, students made predictions about what would happen next.  During book discussions, the students shared what they would do differently if they were a character in the book.  We will have our final book discussions on Monday and Wednesday.  The students will also be working on a cereal box book project at home.  You can see the project on my classpage.  The students brought home the project description and a white paper for the project.

Social Studies

This week the students learned a little more about the Revolutionary War.  The made a timeline of the war, and learned about the soldiers.  I read to them about a few heroines of the war.  Next week the students will learn start our unit on simple machines called motion and matter.

Student Led Conferences, March 10th

The students have been preparing for student led conferences.  There will be 3 conferences going on in the room at the same time.  I will be available to answer questions.  The students will be presenting their work and goals to you.  If you want an individual conference with me, this is addition to the student led conference.  Individual conferences will be on March 11 if you request them.  Most parents find that students in 4th grade do a great job communicating strengths and areas for improvement.

Link for signing up for conferences:

Upcoming Dates

March 10- Early Release, Student Led Conferences

March 11- Early Release, conferences

March 21-25 – Spring Break, no school

Wish List

  1. spoons
  2. kid scissors