Newsletter March 3, 2019

Ms. Hahn’s Class Newsletter

March 3, 2019


The students did a great job learning about multiplication and division in Unit 5.  The students can now solve a variety of story problems involving the four operations.  We just started Unit 6 on geometry including area and perimeter. Please see the Unit 6 newsletter for more information about this unit.

The students have really enjoyed learning about pioneers and life in the 1800’s.  Many students are connecting it to the books they are reading for reading groups. We just began a simulation of a wagon train.  Each person represents a family that is traveling west. Next week they will begin their pretend journey and encounter setbacks and successes along the way.

During reading the students have been reading different pioneer books.  They answer comprehension questions, learn vocabulary, and do writing activities.  During reading groups, I have been focusing on writing a complete answer and proving the answer in the book.  Our whole group lessons are about compare and contrast two articles or two poems. Next week we will continue learning how to compare and contrast two texts.

In writing the students finished their persuasive speeches.  We spend many days finding ways to improve our writing and adding details.  It was great to see how their writing improved from the beginning to the end of the assignment.  Most students presented to the class on Thursday. We will take a pause in writing lessons next week to prepare for student led conferences.

We are getting ready for this year’s state assessment! This year, we will be taking the Illinois Assessment of Readiness. There will be a total of 5 sessions and will take one session per day. Our testing dates will be April 8 to April 12. Be sure that your child gets a good night’s rest, a hearty breakfast, and arrives to school on time so they are ready. If you have any questions, please contact Tony Zamiar. Please see the school’s Friday newsletter for more information about the assessment.

I would like to thank you all for signing up for conferences.  If you need an individual conference, please contact me. This would be in addition to the student led conference.  The students will be presenting to you. There could be up to three families presenting at one time. I will be working hard with the students to prepare for these conferences.  In the past, students have really enjoyed telling their families about how they are doing in school. I look forward to seeing you soon.


Upcoming Dates:

  • 3/8/19 8th grade Fun Fair/Bake sale 4-7pm
  • 3/10/19 Daylight savings time – remember to spring forward!
  • 3/11/19 Student/Staff Basketball game
  • 3/13/19 Farm 2 Table
  • 3/13/19 Festival of Colors Potluck & Literacy Night 5 – 7 pm
  • 3/14/19 Early Release/Conferences
  • 3/15/19 Early Release/Conferences
  • 3/21-22/19 Benkadi Drumming Days (rescheduled)