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Newsletter March 18, 2018

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

March 18, 2018




The students have continued reading Five Smooth Stones or Winter of Red Snow.  They answered questions and learned new vocabulary the past few weeks.  It was great for the students to make connections to our social studies lessons while reading these books.  We will be finishing these books before Spring Break.




The students worked on a short writing assignment on how the colonist changed the land and used natural resources.  This was tied to our social studies homestead project. After that writing assignment the class learned more about how to make writing interesting by starting sentences in different ways.  Next week we will have very little time for writing in our schedule, so we will just do some review of lesson from earlier in the year.




The students have worked hard learning different multiplication and division strategies in Unit 6.  They will take a test on Monday. Please look at the website for different strategies the student should know how to use.  The common core standard for multiplication and division is to learn a variety of strategies, not the traditional algorithm.  After Spring break we will begin Unit 7 on fractions.


Social Studies


The town crier has been bringing us news from England.  Parliament has passed many laws that have affected the life of the colonist and raised taxes.  The students are pretending to live in Boston. They write about these new laws and their lives in a journal.  After Spring break the students will be focussing on a new science unit about motion and simple machines.




Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday the students will be taking a reading PARCC test.  The class will be focussing on PARCC testing from 8:45 to 10:40 on those days. Parents should not visit the classrooms during this time.  Please have your child eat a good breakfast on those days because testing happens when they would normally eat snack. If you want to know more about PARCC go to  


Lion King Play on Friday


The school will be watching the student performance of Lion King on Friday morning.  


World Water Day March 22, 2018


On Thursday we will have special lessons about water for World Water Day.  The 3rd and 4th grade students will rotate to the other 3rd and 4th grade classes for different activities.


Upcoming Events


  • 3/20-3/22  PARCC Testing – 3rd-8th Grades
  • 3/21/18     Farm to Table
  • 3/22/18    World Water Day Teach In
  • 3/23/18    Drama Club in school performance (9 am) and evening performance (7 pm)
  • 3/26-3/30   Spring Break
  • 4/2/18    School Reconvenes
  • 4/3-4/6    PARCC Testing – 3rd-8th Grades
  • 4/4/18      Green Team Herb class, 4-5:30 pm