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Newsletter March 13, 2022

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter 

March 13, 2022




Students are really enjoying reading Sled Dog School. The students are doing a great job answering questions about the book and making predictions. We will continue to read this book with the goal of finishing it before Spring Break.




The students worked hard on preparing for their conferences. We are so proud of them for choosing goals for the third trimester. They did a great job reflecting on their work and behavior. Thank you for coming to the conferences.




In math, the students worked on attributes of polygons. They used terms such as parallel, perpendicular, and congruent. Students did a great job when we used pattern blocks to learn about symmetry. Next week the students will learn about the area of squares and the perimeter of polygons. The goal is to have students take a test on this unit before Spring Break.



Nature Time, Social Studies


In social studies, the students are learning about the midwest states. They learned the names of the states, the capitals, and invasive species in the midwest. They will take a test about the midwest region on Monday. We will be able to finish studying the midwest region before the break. If time allows, we will begin learning about another region of the United States.


During our nature time, we got to do a variety of activities. The students got to enjoy the nice weather at Lake Leopold recently. They had a chance to journal about nature. This past week Naomi came to teach the class about the Green features of our school that help save electricity and reduce our dependence on coal. The students also got to see samples of invasive species in Illinois. 





For the next two weeks, the students will have Illinois Assessment of Readiness, IAR, testing. The schedule will be different on the days of testing. We begin testing at 8:45. The language arts testing is 90 minutes long and the math test is 60 minutes long. There are 3 math tests and 3 language arts tests on the computer. 


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Upcoming Dates


  • March 15-17 IAR test reading
  • March 21-23 IAR test math
  • March 28-Friday, April 1, 2022-Spring Break


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