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Newsletter March 1, 2020

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter March 1, 2020


In reading, the class has been going over the IAR practice test.  The test questions have two parts and an essay portion. We went over how to write an essay for the IAR test.  The students spent time constructing an essay on the computer. Next week we will continue to do some IAR practice questions.  In reading groups, the students read closely short articles and answered questions. This week we will not have reading groups because we will use that time to get ready for student-led conferences.


In math, the students worked hard to measure angles and learn geometry terms about polygons.  The students found the area and perimeter for rectangles. They have finished Unit 5 about geometry.  This past week the students began Unit 6 about multiplication and division of larger numbers. Please see the attached math newsletter for more information.


In social studies, the students are learning about the regions of the United States.  We started off by learning about the midwest. A favorite activity was learning about the invasive species of the midwest.  Our school borrowed a kit that has real samples of the invasive species, and students got to see what the plant or animal looks like in person.  Last week we learned about the Northeast region. We will continue learning states, capitals, plants, animals, climate, landforms, and invasive species for different regions of the United States.


In writing, the students wrote an essay about the book Fly Away Home.  The thesis of the essay was Dad is caring.  The students provided examples and quotes to support how Dad is caring in the book.  Next week we will continue writing essays about literature.


Student-led conferences are on March 12.  You can click the link to sign up for a conference. Student-Led Conference Sign Up.  I am available on March 13 after school if someone requests an individual parent-teacher conference.


Upcoming Events


  • 3/6/20 Natural Leaders Assembly with Staff v. Student Basketball Game
  • 3/7/20.                One Earth Film Festival “Hike the Divide”  1 pm – 3:30 pm
  • 3/8/20 Remember to “Spring forward” — daylight savings time begins at 2 am!
  • 3/11/20 Farm to Table
  • 3/12 and 3/13 Student-Led Conferences (1:00 dismissal) Click here for the parent’s guide
  • 3/18/20 Early Release
  • 3/20/20 Drama Club Presents – Mary Poppins.  9 am Assembly
  • 3/20/20 Drama Club Presents – Mary Poppins. 7:30 pm Evening Performance
  • 3/21-29/20 Spring Break
  • 3/30/20 School Resumes